Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gaston Luga stylish backpack designed in Sweden (with discount code)

I have always wanted to get a medium size backpack that looks classy for travel and when I meet clients, so when Gaston Luga contacted me about their backpacks, I was like YESSSS~~~~ 😁

✨ Brand Story
The company's founder, Carl Sundqvist, met a stylish Frenchman with an elegant and casual style called Gaston during a trip overseas. Gaston told Carl that he believed a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world.

Since Carl was a person keen of his style, he put in time and effort to find something different from the regular school style that usually comes with the big fluffy shoulder pads and thin fabric. Over time, he created his own backpack and modified the design, resulting a Scandinavian minimalistic design that exudes elegance to suit all different occasions. The new brand was eventually named after its predecessor, Gaston Luga.

✨ Features
To tell you the truth, I was torn between the pink-black or blue-brown combination. I chose this eventually because it looks chic for casual trips and formal enough for meeting clients. There is a metal ring hanger on the side for you to hook a keychain or an address tag but it has to be purchased separately.

There are metal feet at the bottom to support the backpack while standing.

The top leather flap is secured by a magnetic strap.

There is a passport and ticket holder at the back so it is easily accessible when you are at the airport and prevents pickpocketing when you are traveling. The pocket can fit the passport fully, but I pulled it out to show you that it fits.

Inside contains a 13"laptop/A4 folder sleeve and 2 smaller pockets.

✨ Personal Thoughts
Everyone who had seen my bag complimented that it looked good (because I was going around to take photos 😁 ) . It is also chic enough for any occasion 😎 💖

You can check out how other people styled their looks by searching for the tags #GastonLuga #GLwashere and #anywherewithGL on Instagram. Pink looks really sweet and cute~

And if you want to buy them, you can use my discount code "evacomics15" to enjoy 15% off! Furthermore if you are ordering outside EU, there is a tax rebate of 20% (which means 20% discount on top of mine) and free shipping anywhere too!
👉 Visit them at ✨👈



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