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Cleaners as a job

Maybe because of the uniform and the company's effort to enhance their cleaners' image.

October 2013 Desktop Wallpaper for Download

With calendar:  320×480 ,  1024×768 ,  1280×800 ,  1280×1024 ,  1440×900 ,  1920×1080 ,  2560×1440 Without calendar:  320×480 ,  1024×768 ,  1280×800 ,  1280×1024 ,  1440×900 ,  1920×1080 ,  2560×1440 October's theme is "Sports Day in Japan". Sports day is held every October in Japan for kids in kindergarten to high school. And btw, I'm on Smashing Magazine again!

Some things are just international

Some things are international, even though it's dangerous. This is called 「あるきスマホ」in Japan, which means "walking smartphone". How about your country? これは世界的な共通点かなあ?

Some Japanese fashion for women

I learned that anything can become a fashion in Japan with neat hairstyle and makeup! (Sorry no more Chinese/Japanese versions)

Clinic Opening Hours

Luckily the clinic opposite me opens on alternate Saturday mornings... xxx Sorry I disappeared for a week to be with my family of 6 (elderly parents, 3 young siblings a 3-yr old nephew that kept on throwing tantrums). Must be the Thursday heavy downpour that caused me to begin symptoms of cold, because my feet remained soaked throughout the day. But I continued to go on a Sunflower day tour with a friend and well, I didn't expect the weather to turn cold... so I fell very ill during the trip. I became better on Saturday but my condition worsened the next day because my nose kept on producing deep yellow um..."substance", which made my throat even more painful and difficult to sleep. I had to see a doctor in the end orz... It will take me a while to catch up with everything, but thank you very much for your encouragement and support! ^^♥

How to do international communication