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Why you shouldn't get your art design degree in Japan

My students admired me to have a chance to study in Japan and I used to have this dream of coming here to pursue an education in comics and animation. But after actually attending the Japanese language school here, I now know that dream and reality is totally different. -為何不該來日本修美術設計- 我的學生之前都很羨慕我有機會來日本唸書。我從青少年時代也很嚮往來日唸動漫的課程。不過在這裡上完一年的日語課程以後,發現夢想和現實是完全不同的。 (中文版在下)

Rental nightmare in Tokyo 東京的恐怖房租經驗

Passing JLPT level 1 was not difficult. Passing my MBA entrance examination was also not a problem. But renting an ideal apartment in Japan, which fits your budget and requirements is a huge big problem, especially if you're a gaijin (foreigner)! 日語能力考試一級合格並不困難。MBA入學考試也沒問題。但是要在日本租到合適,又在預算之內的理想房子,卻是一件非常非常大的問題!特別是對於外國人簡直是困難$$$重重。 Everything here costs money, money, and more money$$$

JLPT level 1 Results 日本語能力試驗一級成績

Finally after 8 years since my last failed attempt to pass level 1, I managed to pass it without much problem :P It seems that as long as you don't get any grade C in any of the sections, plus your score is above 100/180, you'll get to pass! This makes the percentage passing score at just 55.5%, compared with the previous old 60% benchmark. Sayonara JLPT1! 沒想到我一級不合格的8年後,居然可以通過新格式的一級合格!原來只要不要在任何項目拿到C級,再加上總分在100/180以上的話,就能過關!所以新合格率只需55.5%,比以前的60%來得輕鬆。再見啦一級!

Snow can't do us apart 連雪也抵擋不住的熱情

Tokyo today was freezing cold as it snowed for the whole day for the first time this year. I was gazing outside my window to rest my eyes and admire the snow (because there's no where else interesting to look at in my tiny 9sqm room), when I spotted these 2 cute parrot lovebirds on the tree in front of my veranda. Aww, I thought, one pair. Were they hiding out from the snow? But the withered tree provided no shelter... or were they dating? 今天東京第一次下了整天的白雪。我為了讓眼睛休息,眺望了一下窗外的雪景。突然看見2隻可愛的愛情鳥在陽台前的大樹上休息。我心想是不是在避雪啊?但是枯樹沒什麼用啊。還是它們在拍拖? Then I got my shocking answer: 然後我得到了驚人的答案:

Chinese New Year in Yokohama 橫濱新年

First day of Chinese New Year at Yokohama Chinatown wasn't as crowded as I'd thought. The area was brightly lit with chinois decorations and dotted with restaurants offering buffet. 橫濱的唐人街在新年的初一時並沒想像中的那麼擁擠。到處都有濃濃的中華燈飾,街邊也有很多吃到飽的餐廳。

Kyushu 9: Confucian Shrine 孔子廟

I was quite surprised that Confucius is rather popular in Japan. 我很意外孔子竟然在日本如此受歡迎。