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First Rainbow in Tokyo 在東京的第一道彩虹

While heavy rain caused unexpected flash flood in Singapore (OH MY ORCHARD!) but it also rained throughout Japan as we enter into the rainy season. So while washing my hands in the far far away toilet , I spotted a rainbow in a short distance and rushed back to my room. Unfortunately by the time I return from my long trip, the rainbow had begun to fade and I only managed to capture this bit. This also reminds me about a comic post I drew a year ago on rainbow: . Not that I'm getting all poetic here, but it makes me think how short our lives are and that we should be making full use of our brief earthly moments on meaningful things and not waste time on trivial matters. 大雨除了導致 新加坡多處淹水 以外,還遍佈了進入雨季的日本。在 非常遙遠的洗手間 洗手時,發現了一道彩虹!於是我趕緊回房拿相機,可是我回去時,彩虹已經開始消逝了。 這讓我想起一年前畫的一幅關於彩虹的日記漫畫: . 。~突然感嘆彩虹有如我們的生命一樣短暫。我們是不是應該充分利用在這裡的時間,做一些有意義的事,而不是浪費在那些無味的雜事呢?

Defenses breached 2 (入侵2)

This time a worm had breached my wooden wardrobe or it was forced to evacuate because I'd put charcoal and insect repellents inside. So far I did not find any on my clothes taken out from the wardrobe. So if you think my life in Japan is dreamy and wonderful, think again!!! P.S. I'm experimenting with a new innovative way to alternate posts with good food and insects posts. 最近在衣櫃外面抓到了這種毛毛蟲。不知道是不是我在衣櫃裡放了驅蟲器和竹炭,把它熏出來了還是它本來就在外面徘徊了。 不過還好目前為止還沒從衣櫃裡拿出來的衣服上找到任何毛毛蟲。看來我的日本生活除了每天挑戰日語,還加上了與大自然的對抗...

Japanese Food and Bento 日本料理和便當

Sorry for the lack of updates as it has been a really busy week of exciting classes which I will thrill you to death when there's more time. I'll leave the photos to do the talking. 抱歉最近都沒更新。有空再向大家報告我精彩的課程,保證讓你驚歎不已。 現在就讓大家看看一些我在日本吃到的日本料理吧!