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Comics: 2022 year of Water Tiger

The animal zodiacs in the Chinese calendar actually don't represent the real animals. They were chosen as it was easy for uneducated farmers during ancient times to remember the months to do their planting and harvesting. So there's no need to wear pig accessories (because it combines with Tiger) or avoid real monkeys (because it clashes with Tiger). Wishing everyone a year of fruitful learning and improvement this year!

Comics: What we keep in our kitchen

Unlike what Uncle Ronger says, we don't keep MSG but plastic bags :P

Comics: Million dollar life

Heard this saying from a YouTuber and modified it to my comics. 馃槑

Comics: Definition of Success

I didn't think I was successful at all because I wasn't earning a lot. But now I think earning enough for a comfortable living and making more people smile is my success.

Comics: Happy New Year 2022

I think we are adapting to the new normal already.