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Comics: Technology Advancement

 The world was counting on the small digger!

Comics: Your Ascendant Sign

Astrology series is back once a month due to popular some demand. That’s why even though you are an Aries or a Virgo, people cannot tell when they just got to know you. Unless your ascendant sign is also your solar sign.  Links to find your Ascendant sign: (Chinese) *TAROT AND PSYCHIC READERS, DO NOT EMAIL ME!* I'm not interested in your services, so do not put me inside your newsletter to keep spamming me to your website or request to collaborate. ALL EMAILS WILL BE MARKED AS SPAM. No use emailing multiple times to check for respond, your email will be flagged as spam and future emails will automatically go to spam folder. I WILL NOT REPLY!

Comics: Embarrassing mask-up moments

Do you have an embarrassing mask-up moment too?

Comics: Awkwardness

Anybody saw someone doing it or doing it yourself too?

Comics: COVID-19 Control Measures in Singapore

Had a chat with my friend in Japan on Clubhouse app recently and was surprised at how the cases surged without strict laws implemented. So I'm curious about how other countries are doing l. I think Singapore had been quite strict so therefore our cases are very low (for now)🤞🏻 Join my Telegram channel to never miss an update!