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Comics: Travel

Sorry everyone, I forgot to update last week!!! So here are 2 strips at one go~ It's always troublesome to sort the photos after holidays, I wonder if my readers are the same too?

Recovering from Inguinal hernia open repair surgery

This blog post is to share my experience with people who have hernia and what to expect after surgery. Diagnose I felt a small lump that comes and goes on my right groin without any pain at the beginning of the year so I ignored it for several months. Moreover I was rushing my 4th book at that time and had no time to see a doctor. I was worried if it's something serious, I would have to take time off from the book and I would miss the deadline. But I continued to ignore the lump after I was done with the book because it comes and goes, and there was no pain. However it became worse after a replacement yoga instructor took over a class that I regularly go to in June. She made us do a lot of hip opening, stretches and core work and I felt pain a few hours later. My right groin area was in small pain whenever I walked. I couldn't tell if it was the lump causing the problem or tendon/muscles got torn so I went to see both a masseur and a TCM (traditional chinese medicine

Comics: Sleeping at Hotels

This always happens on the first night...

Comics: Advantages of a big belly

But I will still recommend not having one for health sake!

Comics: Fashion on an Artist

So far I had to replace the soles of 2 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of sandals. Another pair of pump shoes' lining disintegrated after I walked halfway to the train station...