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Marina Bay Sands 滨海湾金沙酒店

The only place that I would like to check out during my short holiday back home was the newly opened Marina Bay Sands hotel. 在我短暫的回家假期裡,我只想去剛開始營業的濱海灣金沙酒店看看。

Tokyo Midtown Xmas Illumination 東京中城燈飾

Finally free to check out the Christmas Illumination in Tokyo! My friend and I decided to visit the one at Tokyo Midtown since it's said to be quite nice. We caught a nice view with Tokyo Tower as the backdrop :P Check out my youtube video below! 終於有空看聖誕燈飾了!聽說東京中城的聖誕燈飾蠻不錯,所以我們決定去那裡看看。我們的視野剛好對准東京鐵塔,所以還挺不錯的 :P 看看我的youtube影像吧!

National Art Center Tokyo 國立新美術館

I went to catch the Van Gogh exhibition today. Although it is a Friday, the exhibition was packed with many retirees, housewives and tourists! I forgot that Japan, with an aging population, has a lot of  retirees with lots of free time and money to spend. I didn't have a great time there because people were hogging in front of apparently hit paintings with their hearing guides (costing 500yen rental each, only available in Japanese). 今天去看了一下Van Gogh的展覽。雖然是星期五,但是展覽擠滿了退休人士,家庭主婦和觀光客!我忘了日本現在人口老化中,有很多老人有大壩的時間和金錢可以花。因為他們有花500yen租只有日文版的hearing guide(聲音機?),所以都卡在熱門作品的前面不動,氣死我了。

Oura Cathedral & Glover Garden 大浦天主堂

Oura Cathedral, located in Nagasaki at Kyushu prefecture, is the oldest church in Japan completed in December 1864. It was designated as a National Treasure on 23 Jan 1933. This church is also named as "Church of the 26 Japanese Martyrs". 大浦天主堂位於九州的長崎。建於1864年,是日本最古老的一棟教堂。1933年時被認定為國寶,正式名字為“26聖殉教者天主堂”。 How Christianity spread in Japan was largely credited to a Spanish missionary, Francis Xavier, who arrived on Kagoshima island in 1549. However it was later banned in 1587 due to feudal lord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi's fear that Christianity was a barrier to his plan of uniting the whole of Japan. Centuries after his death, the country was re-opened and Christians, who went into hiding, came out. Nagasaki, which was the heart of Christianity activity, still remains as a prefecture with majority of its population as Christians. -中文省略 XD -

Bunraku traditional Japanese puppet theatre 文樂

The scholarship organization held a talk and sponsored us a trip to watch the traditional Japanese puppet show at the National Theatre today. Our ticket costs 3600yen/each between the 5~7th rows. 今天獎學金集團又辦了一個講座,和一起去日本國立劇場來觀賞日本傳統木偶劇。 我們在第5~7排,票價3600yen。

L'occitane and Fancl in Japan

Sorry I'd been very busy. Now that I finally have a bit of time before my Japanese school exam (exams again!?), it's time to show off my recent online shopping loot :P 真是抱歉最近實在是太忙了。在日語學校的期末考之前,抽出一點時間來炫耀一下我最近的網購大收穫:P