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Meiji Jinguu (Shrine) 明治神宮

The Meiji Shrine is located right next to Harajuku station. No wonder it is a popular tourist attraction as well as a great place for Japanese people to relax. However, like any other gardens, the iris garden located inside costs like 500yen per adult.The shrine itself is free entry. 明治神宮位於原宿站附近,難怪能成為超人氣的旅遊景點和讓日本人放鬆心情的好地方。不過裡面的花園和其它花園一樣都要收費。我記得成人大概是500yen。神社是免費進入的。

MICC and other blablabla

Image Thanks to my friends who sent emails and left me messages to congratulate me on the selection!!! :D I was thrilled with tears when I know the 1st screening results but I hope that I can get into the next round, because after all, I'm already in Japan learning Japanese everyday!!! *口* 感謝祝福我的朋友們!!!當我知道第一輪成績時,感動流淚了。但是希望能進入下一輪啦! 畢竟我已經在日本每天學日語了!!!

Sakura and the Weird April Weather

There was lots of sakura during the first 2 weeks of April so ASJA (the scholarship provider) organized a "Hanami"(flower seeing) to Shinjuku Park on 3rd April. But... 4月的前兩個禮拜有很多美麗的櫻花,所以4月3日時,ASJA獎學金機構就約了大家一起去新宿公園賞花,不過...

Japanese Study and Daily Routine 日語課和每日行程

Sorry to bore you with this first picture...but these were the books our teacher gave us on the first day! So now you know why I haven't got the time to update my blog often, holy cow! 第一天老師就丟了一堆課本給我們!現在知道為什麼我無法常常更新網誌吧!我的天啊!


這日記漫畫是在無名網誌2號連載過的。這次搬到這裡回味一下往日的風采~ 請在這裡下載PDF 。

Eva Sees the World (2010)

This comic series was based on my everyday life in Singapore, with a little bit of imagination and humor! Translated from my previous Taiwanese blog. Download PDF version here .

Dormitory in Shinjuku, Tokyo 東京宿舍

This was what I saw when I arrive at my Shinjuku school dormitory on 1st April. It was really small at 9 sq metres, equipped with only a bed, study table, chair, side table and wardrobe/shelf. TV and fridge was passed down from seniors who had graduated. 這是我4月1日進入新宿宿舍時看到的情況。 面積只有9sq m,設備只有床,桌子,椅子,旁桌和衣櫃兼書櫃。電視和冰箱都是之前畢業的前輩留下的。