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Our Metal Grilles 鐵欄桿

Our metal door grilles are actually a brilliant design! 中文版請點(更多)→

Difference in Seasons 熱帶國家也有冷熱季節的!

Singapore may be a tropical country, but we still have two seasons: "Very Hot" and "Very Cold"!!! :P 中文版請點(更多)→

Why Singapore is still better than Tokyo Summer 新加坡還是比較涼爽的!

Although Singapore is a tropical country, it is still much cooler than Tokyo! ...and yes, that's why I can get a cold in Singapore...(=_=);; 中文版請點(更多)→

Be careful when you badmouth in your own language 要說壞話要小聲說喔!

This true story did not happen to me, but to my friend's friend (Though I did put on a big red flower on my head before XD) 中文版請點(更多)→

Japan should ban suits in Summer! 日本應該禁止夏天穿西裝!

Filled with oily goodness....toasted and turning black already! As for Coolbiz... when you arrive into the office with sticky sweat and need to put on your suits, you won't want to wrap those damp cooling scarves round your neck to see clients (though that'd be literally "cool") With this heat and humidity, even going around naked won't help to dissipate the heat generated from walking... 中文版請點(更多)→