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Freebies on the streets in Japan and Singapore

I guess other countries are about the same. You only get free paper advertisements on the streets (right?)

Extended presentation slides about my creative process

My Creative Process in making comics from Evangeline Neo This is the extended version of my presentation for the " Singapore Makers Meetup " held at Singapore Polytechnic library on 25th April, 2014. This is for my fans and aspiring comic artists with steps on how I do my comics and other tips. Follow me at Some snapshots of me, my shy fans and Davy who makes really pretty ceramic leaves~

English in Japan and Japanese elsewhere

It's funny how Japanese brands try to use as much English as possible, but non-Japanese brands try to use as much Japanese as possible to look Japanese PS. Apologies that I made it sound like I'm stupid, but of course, I know why they do that. It was ironic so I was making fun of the phenomena.

Cultural difference of east and west

Gather and disperse… (exaggerated) Collectivist and individualist cultures When I was studying in US, I wanted to hang around and talk to my classmates, but many just dashed off to do their own things. However when I was studying in Japan, I wanted to leave asap to do my own thing but somehow many people wandered around to chit chat :/

What salaryman do after work

My Japanese university had an exchange program with a Singapore university and while chit chatting, my Japanese classmates were surprised that we don't hang out with colleagues after work. "Of course we don't hang out with colleagues after work, we go back home to be with our family or hang out with friends," I said. Apparently work is very important to them.