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How to eat Sushi

I tried to eat the proper way but the ingredient (neta) always fall off! Also it's very common in Singapore that we mix our wasabi with soysauce and then dip the sushi inside.... I think that is not the "proper Japanese way" to eat it, but it's so normal here nobody cares!

Japanese charms omamori from temples and shrines

This comic was a special request from my friend who recently discovered that all her charms that she bought in Japan "doesn't work" anymore.  Of course, I was the one who broke the "secret"... Japanese shrines and temples practice this way in order to get continuous funding to maintain their facilities. On the other hand, Chinese temples gather funds by accepting freewill donation (also called incense money) from devotees and visitors praying for good luck, health or wealth. The charms bought from Chinese temples will also last a life time, as long as you maintain a good heart and do good deeds. Extra money from collection will also be donated to related charities annually to continue benefitting the community. On a side note, priests and monks are also very different in Japan, it is more like a job there. They go to work at the temple/shrine during the day, and go back home to their families (yes, they can marry!) at night. Some even go drinking or visit

Car crash Accidents and lottery number

In Singapore, people will try to take not of the car number to buy lottery... I'm not sure if it happens in other countries too... HMMMM.... *I am not liable if you bought 1738 and did not strike lottery. UPDATE 17 June 2015: Oh my, my numbers did come out! So if you bought iBet, you won $6...

Even when the building is old, the toilets are always renovated in Japan

That's what I think after visiting a very old University campus in Japan and was surprised that the toilets were sparkling new and renovated. Whereas a new campus in Singapore that looks marvellous on the outside have their toilets poorly equipped and dirty... P.S. I originally planned to have another comic strip but unfortunately it is not a good time to post today. Patreons are able to log in to look at the comic that I cannot release online but reserve for my future publication.

Monday yoga comics

It's great to be a cartoon character!