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Comics: Traveling is hard work

This happens all the time... I guess I can sleep more back home.

Comics : Packing luggage

This is me whenever I go to Taiwan or Japan... how about you?

Comics: How to reuse your mask and dispose them correctly

If you are healthy, there is no need to wear. But I understand some people are still very panicky and worried so you can try this to prolong your mask life so those who really need masks can get them. This guide is translated from a live event organised by Singapore Press to aid donation funds to Singapore Red Cross to help at Wuhan. The advises are given by Dr. Leong Hoe Nam (Infectious Disease Specialist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital). Usually disposal masks are only to be used once and disposed. However because we are facing global shortage, so those healthy ones who are still worried and still insist to wear can try. Full video: (01:00:00) This is alike to disposing your um, sanitary napkins... which one of my readers pointed out :P

Comics: DOSCON Orange alert in Singapore for Coronavirus

We're not even in Red yet but we are acting like one, except not being afraid of joining crowds of panic buying at supermarkets...

Comics: After Coronavirus is Over

So it’s better to wear a mask only when necessary... 🙃 1) If you are sick (fever, coughing or sneezing). 2) If you need to take care of sick, e.g. work in healthcare. 3) If you will be in an enclosed area that is poorly ventilated for a long time. 4) Have existing medical condition that makes you more vulnerable. Otherwise it is better to leave those extra masks for those who really need it instead of panic buying and causing out of stock everywhere!