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The closer we get, the further we go

When I was studying overseas, I skyped with my family every Sunday for an hour and we would talk about everything that is happening around us. When I was back once or twice a year during vacation, friends and family were also very enthusiastic to feed me with local dishes and catch up. But once I come back for good, things changed. Friends were no longer enthusiastic to meet up, since there is a lot of time anyway. There was also less interaction in the family. Perhaps being away for a long time sometimes is better?

Growing Up in Japan and Singapore

In Japan, kids from young can go to school themselves and even help to buy groceries nearby. Many move out from home when they enter university to be closer to their schools. Of course, this is not *everyone*. On the other hand in Singapore, we are very pampered from young till married, not just staying with parents but also have clothes washed and meals cooked by mum.

Chicken Rice Stall in Japan VS Singapore

I prefer the chicken rice in Singapore tho :) Support me at Patreon:

Odd English Usage in Japan: Free

This is real story... I saw a FREE calendar at a stationery store... almost took it home:  (It's more expensive than a calendar with designs)