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Defenses breached 入侵

Yesterday's temperature suddenly shot up to nearly 30 deg so all insects which were on hibernation finally came out to party. Despite of my room being equipped with a natural insect repellent gel, I still caught nearly 30 mosquitoes using my sticky tape! The battle with insects never ends. 昨天的氣溫突然射到30度,所以很多冬眠的昆蟲都出來party了。雖然我的房間放了一罐天然驅蟲膠凝體,但是還是有很多蚊子入侵我的房間。看來我與昆蟲之戰是沒完沒了的。

Japanese Donald Duck 日本唐老鴨

Weeks passed by very quickly with so many things to learn and see everyday. Frequent readers of my blog will know that I like to watch TV, in fact, I can also brush up my Japanese listening, killing two birdies with one stone. Today I  caught a Japanese Disney show with Japanese dubbing. To my amazement, Mickey sounds like Mickey, Minnie sounds like Minnie, and Donald Duck sounds like Donald Duck! The tone of the voices are very close to the original and they managed to pick up Japanese earlier than me, how's that for cartoon characters! 一轉眼又過了一個星期,每天都有好多東西學習~ 常來的讀者會知道我很喜歡看電視。而且可以讓我的日語聽解進步,一石二鳥多好啊!  今天看了一部日語的迪士尼節目。驚奇的是,大家的聲音都很像原裝的。日本唐老鴨也有那沙沙的聲音!唉,回頭看自己...怎麼卡通人物比我更早精通日語啊...

Summer Already!? 夏天了!?

So today the weather was amazingly sunny and warm so I went out for more shopping... but wait, that's not my main point, what I'm trying to say it's the WEIRD WEATHER! According to the news, it seems that from tomorrow onwards, it will be the beginning of summer, called "Rikka" in Japanese. 今天的天氣又特別好,所以我又出去逛街了...不過這不是我的重點,重點是這個奇怪的天氣!根據新聞,明天就是夏季的第一天了!? Temperatures rose to as high 24 degrees in Tokyo with other areas of Japan up to 30 degrees. So it was snowing in mid April and now summer in beginning of May!? What the hell is going on??? I wanted more cooling comfortable weather, not extreme cold and hot! 東京的氣溫今天達到24度,其它地區甚至有升到30度呢!明明4月中還下著雪,現在才5月初就夏季了,搞什麼鬼天氣啊!? 我本來很期待舒適涼爽的天氣的,不是忽冷忽熱的怪天氣啦! So back to my shopping, I purchased some insect repellent devices because mosquitoes had awoken from their deep winter sleep and worms had begun to appear inside my closet. I seem to be always plagued by insects of different kinds in different countries. First there were

Uniqlo sale in Golden Week 黃金週的Uniqlo大減價

I went to Uniqlo Sale with the intention of spending not more than 2000yen on 2 polo shirts. But I ended up with 12 pieces of garment for 12,500yen, 32% off usual price! (approx. SG$183) I reasoned with myself that summer is coming so the money was well spent (this is what women usually do to justify our shopping sprees) XD 昨天去Uniqlo大減價,本想用2000yen買2件球衣而已。但是結果花了12,500yen買了12件衣服,省了32%!  呵呵~ 這種時候,女人都會想出一些理由來說服自己狂買是合理的。因為夏季快來了,當然要買一些新衣穿啦!XD

Shopping in Tokyo 在東京逛街

So what to do when you're staying in Shinjuku? Of course, SHOPPING! 住在新宿能幹什麼呢?當然是逛街啦! Harajuku is dotted with many famous foreign brands like Gap, Laura Ashley, Chanel, Bulgari, etc. There's also a huge Nike retail shop which allows you to customize your very own shoe for approximately 19,000yen. You can choose a shoe design which you like, then use their computer to change the color and material. I'm saving up for it! 原宿到處都是外國品牌的專賣店,而且你可以花約19,000yen,在Nike設計你自己的鞋子。首先要選擇你喜歡的鞋款,然後利用他們的電腦把顏色和布料換掉,製作只屬於你自己獨一無二的鞋子喔!