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Comics: Facebook "Friends"

I'm not sure about you, but I really cannot remember some of my FB "friends", like how and when we met (if ever)... So I would just click like on their engagement photo, wedding photo or newborn baby photo without remembering who they are... ... ...

Comics: Sailordoom transformation

I'm not afraid if it doesn't fly, but once it does, I'm doomed...

Comics: Freelancer Life

I used to be really happy when I get sick and can take medical leave from work. Now I just hope never to get sick...

Comics: Generation Snowflake (expanded version)

Generation snowflake is the term for people born after the Strawberry generation. In Singapore, they are also called Durian generation to represent that the kids are soft (inside) and their parents are hard and spiky (outside). It will be tough if bosses need to hire young energetic people for the businesses...

Comics: Parenting

I remember the days when my mum would cane me for bad results and I could only watch cartoons on TV when they were not watching. Nowadays, parents just throw a tablet or smartphone to their kids to coax them to eat and the kids can watch TV anytime they want... Are we breeding a generation of self-entitled kids who lack in empathy and communication skills in the real world? They do not know how to share and wants everybody to give in to them, just like their parents. Who will hire them in the future, or will they be living off their parents income even after 30s? On the bright side, more people will want to hire older people from 80s and earlier because we're more hardworking and better at team work XD

Comics: Doing a book

It's a lot of work doing a book, hope my third book will do well! It will be released during STGCC (9-10 Sep) this year!