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Ganbare Higashi Nippon!!! 加油日本

My Japanese scholarship association decided to include the theme of "Ganbare Higashi Nippon!" into our quarterly newsletter to motivate fellow Japanese to overcome this series of disasters. Instead of writing messages, I chose to drew up this poster in hope that it will "ganbare" (cheer up) the people in eastern Japan in a more visual way and impact. Although I didn't quite enjoy my stay in Japan, I'm still very keen to research on Japanese indie comic artists in Tokyo. I pray that Japan will recover soon from her unfortunate earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear disasters, and hope that the people of Japan will be able to stand united and strong to restore their nation to her former glory. 我的日本獎學金集團打算在電子刊物中為在東日本避難的日本人打氣。與其寫一些字,我選擇了畫一張小海報來為日本人打氣。雖然我在日本過得不怎麼樣,但是我還是非常希望回東京研究日本自費出版的漫畫家。我希望日本能早日從不幸的地震,海嘯和核能洩漏災害中回覆,並重建往日的風采。

15mins of fame 15分鐘的閃亮亮

Through some connections from the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore, I was linked up for a brief interview on national TV live show Good Morning Singapore. With me was another renowned Singaporean make up artist, who was in Chiba when the quake happened, and a psychologist. The main topic was about dealing with post-crisis psychological management. (Sorry, I don't have a psychological trauma XD) 通過和新加坡日本大學畢業生協會的聯繫,我和另一名著名新加坡彩妝師(那時在千葉)和心理醫生一同在新加坡電視台的“早安您好”節目中接受訪問。主題是有關於災難後的心理輔導(抱歉,東京的沒什麼心理問題XD)。 

Information on Japan disaster 日本大災的資訊

I noticed that donation bins are everywhere around the cashiers so I'm pretty sure Singaporeans are doing all we can to help the Japanese recover from this devastating disaster. However I'm concerned that although there is no shortage of food, water and diapers, I wonder if there's enough gasoline and cleared roads to help transport the aid to the stricken areas. Meanwhile, my language school and Waseda university had already sent out notifications to inform about the possibility of delays in school opening due to electricity shortages and reduction of train frequencies. Hence my return date is still...unknown. 回國後發現到處都有籌款箱,可見新加坡人都為這次的日本災害出一分力。雖然日本目前不缺食物,水和尿布,但是汽油短缺和路道破壞仍是救資運輸面臨的一項大問題。另一方面,我的語言學校和早稻田大學院也已經發通告給學生,說下個月的開學日期有可能因為電力短缺和電車減少的次數導致改期。因此我回去的日期仍是個迷... If you can read Japanese, I check out Asahi online news, very reliable and updated as soon as there are any news. Whenever there's an aftershock, I would also check JMA for the intensity: 假如可以讀日語的話,我建議朝日新聞的網站。他們

[003] I'm still alive 死不了

When M9 happened, Tokyo experienced a M5 force and I truly thought that we'll end up like Christchurch, buried in rubble and dead. There had been M3 aftershocks in Tokyo almost everyday now and it's really starting to irritate me, as if the whole of Japan is moving constantly. Overseas media is probably making it sound as though Japan is covered with radiation and so people are panicking world-wide. But remember that the atomic bomb, which hit southern Japan, did not affect people in the upper region and that Japanese elderly continued to live a long healthy life. So what is with the whole world panicking about radiation spreading to them? I should be more panicking instead! But because of my worried parents, irritating aftershocks and electricity problems, I'll be going back to Singapore tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes, see you all again! 中文版請點(更多)→

Nuclear concern from foreigners 外國人對於核能的關注

This is a really terrible photo, but I can tell you that thousands and thousands of foreigners all over Tokyo are flooding into the Immigration Bureau at Shinagawa these days to get our re-entry permit. Most on the queue were from China. Apparently, their media had reported the situation in Japan too sensationally and make it seem as though the whole of Japan is under radiation. In fact, their mentality is to flee Japan asap to save their lives, even resorting to cutting queues. 上面的照片實在不是很清晰,不過可以告訴你的是在東京,上萬的外國人都一窩蜂地湧進在品川的入官局辦理再入國許可證。大多數都是中國人。看起來中國媒體都把這次事件報得特別大,特別嚴重,有如整個日本都陷入了致命輻射似的。很多人都聽起來像在逃命似的,也不管次序隨便插隊。

Tokyo is still safe for now, except... 東京目前還很安全

Empty Shelves 沒新貨 No more toilet papers, facial tissues and diapers. 沒有廁紙,面紙,和尿布了! No more rice and my favorite Yamazaki bread! There's 2L mineral water, limited to 2 bottles per customer. 也沒米,沒麵包! 有2L的瓶裝水,但是限制每人只能買2瓶。 Actually there is no shortage of supply within Tokyo, but panic-stricken people are stocking up everything they can, causing a shortage of supplies at the disaster hit zones. Even Facebook's special Japan Earthquake Information notice to everyone told us to stop hoarding the essential items like food and water, as there are actually plenty to go around. However, with the fabled M7 aftershock hitting anytime this week, uncertain radiation, and with the recent appeal to public to conserve electricity, I can foresee that many people will still continue to stock up until M7 and radiation is cleared. 其實東京內不缺任何必需品。不過擔心的民眾還是大量掃購全部的物資,導致災區不足。就連面書的首頁都勸請日本的使用者不要亂大量購買如食品和水來儲存,因為其實這些物資都是足夠的。可是由於傳說中的M7餘震,不清不楚的原子能狀況,再加上政府呼籲民眾節省用電,所以我想大家直到M7和原子能解決之前,還是會繼續儲存物

2 days after the quake

From 8.8 to 9.0 This morning, it was reported that our earthquake had been upgraded to 9.0 from 8.8. The number of aftershocks occurring after this quake that measured above M5.0 had been the most frequent ever since 1923. Based on the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), there is a high possibility of another aftershock that will hit Japan with a magnitude of 7.0 or above. The possibility of a M7 earthquake happening from 13-16th Mar is 70%, 16-19th March is 50%. My personal take is that this is like predicting whether it will rain next week or not, may not be 100% accurate but it's better to be prepared than caught unprepared. Earthquakes with the same magnitude since 1900 are as follow: 1960: Chili (M9.5) 1964: Alaska (M9.2) 2004: Sumatra (M9.1) 1952: Kamchatka (M9.0) = 2011: Japan (M9.0) Ref (Japanese): Situation in Tokyo Train service had mostly resumed but a lot of us are staying at home just in case

Biggest earthquake of 8.8 magnitude with aftershocks still occuring

I was cooking nyonya curry when it began to shake and I was in dilemma whether to shut the lid and go hide immediately or hide then wait for it to disappear. I chose the 2nd option but the earthquake (Tokyo magnitude 5?) lasted damn long and the thought that we might end up like Christchurch flashed across my mind. I watched the live news afterward and witnessed the tsunami swallowing all the farms near the sea. My god... Till now there are still frequent after-shocks, hopefully nothing big happens Pray that our steel and concrete dormitory is okay. 我正在煮咖哩的時候就開始狂晃。不知道要先關我的電飯鍋還是先躲,結果還是先躲了。腦海有浮現紐西蘭的慘狀,不知道東京會不會也變成那樣,真恐怖。結果雖然搖了很久(東京5級?),不過似乎沒事。看新聞的時候目睹海嘯正在吞食稻田,實在恐怖....  現在仍然有很多餘震,希望不會有更大的>_< 希望我們的鐵筋水泥宿舍沒事。

[002] So Exciting! 真刺激!

I passed the non-degree MBA program but it was sure troublesome, because I was their first exceptional case. Contrary to the general perception that Japan is an innovative country, I find that if you're different, or if that you're the first exceptional case that the system has ever accounted, you'll have to do a lot of paperwork and negotiation to allow the system to accommodate you. 中文版請點(更多)→

[001] To Be Famous like Apple

Finally I have ample time to draw! Though I'm still moody from the interview... Not because that I think I'm not good enough, but because of why did I chose such a XXX university!?!? The results will be out tomorrow and hopefully I'll pass so that I can start learning new things. Otherwise, I would have to either register in some Japanese school again or seek permission to return home for summer due to my expiring student visa. Back to my comics: It's been such a long time since I last drawn any on my blog. I'm not sure what this series is about actually. I'm not even sure if it's funny or interesting enough. Oh heck, I'm not even sure about the title! Maybe I should name it "Going Nuts", "Smarty Dog", "Smarty Eva", "Smarty Pants", "Eva Diva" or just "Evacomics". Any suggestions? Maybe I'll draw more and see. "Going Nuts" sounds pretty suitable to my current situation.

Think many times before coming to Japan for studies!

來日本唸書的話,要想得清清楚楚後才來!(中文版在下) I went for an interview for Waseda's non-degree program last Saturday and it went on like this: Professor A: We understand that you'd already passed the entrance for our MBA program, which will start in September. So why are you applying for this non-degree program, which starts in April? Me: I'll be graduating from my Japanese school this month (Mar) and the new MBA will only start in September, so I would like to take some classes during this 5 months period. Moreover, as you know, I come from Art and Design background, so I would like to take some classes first as warm up into the business area. Professor A: (sarcastic laugh) warm up...? ... Professor B: Well, that's your own personal problem, our program is not for people like you . Me: (shocked and disgusted) But I would like to take as many classes as possible... ...

Kyushu 11: Kyushu Hotel & hot spring 九州旅館和溫泉

At last! The final installment to my (not so popular) Kyushu series! I shall end it with food and hot spring in the Kyushu Hotel, my favorite part from the entire budget trip. 終於要結束我(不是很受歡迎的)九州系列!整個行程中最喜歡的就是九州旅館的食物和溫泉了!

My current key word: Frugality 節儉是美德

(Cont. Rental Nightmare in Tokyo ) After my battle with the evil property agent and management company, my dormitory staff recommended me to extend my stay here and then look for apartments/mansions slowly. This is much better than paying a huge sum upfront (4 months rent) for an apartment that I didn't get to see and with the fishy management company not returning any deposit. So instead of sayonara to 270,000yen (SG$4,2000) for a place I didn't get to view, it is better to spend a bit more, but to a place that I could actually see first. I accepted her kind offer and turned down my contract with the fishy property management company. This whole experience had made me realize one thing: that I hadn't been frugal enough. I'd been spending money too mindlessly and not saving enough for rainy days. More importantly, I'd underestimated the cost of renting a Tokyo mansion (concrete-built apartment in Japanese term) near my university within the great ring of fire

Kyushu 10: Japan and WW2

Ok, I assure you that this is towards the end of my Kyushu series. We visited the Peace Park in Nagasaki that commemorated its atomic bombing on the 9th Aug, 1945. The government had erected numerous monuments to offer the souls of the dead clean water that they had so desired during their last moments. 這是接近我的九州之行的尾聲。 我們在長崎參觀了紀念1945年8月9日,原子彈投下的和平公園。日本政府到處設立有乾淨水源的紀念碑,為了就是要給生前渴望水喝的死者。(中文版在下)