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Comics: 2021 Forecast Year of the Metal Ox

Forecast of 2021 from various masters whom I follow plus some of my interpretation of the year of the Metal Ox! Hope this was easy to understand!

Comics: Period 9

  Period 9 is a big thing in Chinese metaphysics world and you hear a lot of them talking about it. I hope this comic made it simple enough for people to understand.

Comics: The Great Conjunction and The Age of Aquarius

Hope everyone like the new carousel format so far. The all-in-one image will be distributed on my Telegram channel: Next week onwards I will switch to Chinese Metaphysics to prepare for our Chinese New Year! 

Comics: Is Astrology, Chinese Metaphysics and Fengshui true?

  Hi everyone! I totally forgot to update this new series in my blog. Hope you like it!