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Sakura report at Meguro River 2013

So I thought I'd go to see another round of sakura at the famous Meguro River before they all fall. Weather had been crazy these days. Not only that sakura opens 2-3 weeks earlier than usual this year, but the temperatures go up and down drastically. Sometimes winter, sometimes almost summer... It's difficult to figure out what to wear when you go out.

The Mask effect

Tip on creating your extra space on crowded trains outside Japan... 中文版請點(更多)→

Sakura blooms 2 weeks earlier in Tokyo this year

Taken at Kanda River near Waseda University. Free :) Hopefully Spring will last long and summer be delayed!

Japanese Mask Time

I couldn't get used to it at first, but now I am a "masked rider" too! 中文版請點(更多)→

Please support local work, the worst kind of selling

Now that I have a separate homepage again, this blog is now officially a blog! So the first article that I'm going to blog about is my frustration with Singaporean comic artists and publishers when they try to sell their book. The first thing that I always hear is... "Please help support local work". Now, of course, we would love to support local work, that is, if only we are interested. Moreover, what is the difference between your work, and other local work that was published before and used the same slogan? There is very little motivation to pick up a copy unless I am a super close friend of the artist or happen to be the artist's student. The key thing is to differentiate and target appropriately who you want to buy your book, not just "friends who happen to have SGD12-25 for donation". Now if the artist is satisfied with selling small runs of 200-400 copies for self-gratification only, that's fine and there's no need to carry on reading. But

Eating local food at home and abroad

Home food always seems more special overseas~ 中文版請點(更多)→

Each country's killer food

Either you love it, or you hate it... 中文版請點(更多)→