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Comics: How to scare people (part 2)

 The tides had changed...

Comics: How to scare people

 It's also odd to look at during the day...

Comics: PSA

  Throw your masks properly!

Comics: How to be an Attention Seeker


How to Dispose your mask correctly

I have been notified of increasing usage of my comics: "How to dispose your mask correctly" pasted at public spaces, such as lifts and near trash bins. However they were often edited, without proper credits to me, and with their company logo on top of my artwork.  All comics that I drew are copyrighted artwork. While I allow usage for non-commercial purpose, my credits should be there and the artwork unedited. If companies would like to put their logo on my artwork, or replace my trash bin with theirs, they must contact me for permission and purchase of rights at . Otherwise it is considered as copyright infringement.

Comics: Mask criteria

It's compulsory to wear masks in Singapore now so definitely comfort is priority over effectiveness to block off the particles.