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Comics: Cuteness

Who's the same? :P

Comics: Snowball Effect on social media

I used to post a lot of my problems on my personal account and people would start commenting on what I should do even though they may not have done it before. Many times I become even more frustrated than when I started off. Then along the way there are flame wars and friends unfriended or blocked... somehow people are merciless to people whom they never met before. Hence now I keep most of the things to myself or just message my friends privately to rant. How about you? Do you have such problem?

Comics: The mysterious Shinjuku Station

It is a place where Google maps fail and all hope is lost to find the specific exits... It took me a year while I was studying in Japan and staying at Shinjuku to figure out the exits and underground passages. Unfortunately I never got to meet any friends (both Japanese and foreigners) successfully whenever we wanted to meet at exit XXX. The signs were confusing and not easy to find the other one if you were at the wrong side.

Comics: What people usually do during travel

I tend to wake up at... 9-11am... But if there's a hotel breakfast buffet then maybe 8.30am...