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Comics: Hiring married women

I had a classmate in US who used to work at an automobile company but quit her job to pursue illustration. She was also divorced. Upon graduation, she told me that she did not want to return to Japan because she would be "too old" to get hired and cannot have a career in the new line. I remember she was only in her early 30s and I did not understand why. I, on the other hand, was keen to go Japan to work one day. Years passed and I eventually gotten my wish to go Japan. Not to work, but to study. I was glad that I was studying so I had time to make new friends and do sight-seeing for a few years. I later know about the working condition and female discrimination that made me stop day dreaming about working there. Despite Abe's urge for companies to employ more women, employers tend not to because they are afraid that the female employee will quit when she has a baby, which sadly happens in most cases. It could be because their parents stay too far and are unable to

Comics: Japanese Office Toilet

I went to a Japanese company for an interview before I decided to leave Japan. When I went to the ladies toilet, I saw a nice wooden locker cabinet mounted on the wall with small compartments. I know Japanese are very particular about hygiene but to see a locker for toothbrushes and sanitary stuff is a whole new world for me...

Comics: Working Early in Vietnam

I was surprised when my talk was supposed to start at 8am at the Law University! Little did I know companies usually start work at 7.30am, which means I would have to wake up at 5.30am... ...

Comics: How to Cross the Street in Vietnam

This is based on readers feedback on my previous comic strip. Just in case any of you are going to visit Vietnam!!! Though I admit wearing spectacles doesn't increase my eye power... (Actually I wanted to do another comparison strip about the roundabout traffic, but there is no characters involved and France has a lot of that too so I scraped it!)

Comics: Crossing the road in Vietnam

Seriously there were no traffic rules in Ho Chi Minh City! Motorbikes can still dash the red light. My friend and I had to hold our hands tight or follow locals to cross the roads. Another friend of mine, who had experience working in China for a few years, was so terrified to cross the road that she had to take a cab to just reach the opposite street! (There will be 2 more comics about Vietnam for my Vietnamese fans, stay tuned!)