Saturday, April 30, 2011

[010] Golden Week 黃金週

Be careful of MSN hackers 小心MSN黑客

I was online today browsing the web as usual and procrastinating to draw or not to draw, when a Taiwanese friend, who we had not kept in touch since I graduated from San Francisco 3 years ago,  suddenly messaged me on MSN. The whole conversation was in Chinese and I had summarized and translated them so it went on like this:


Friday, April 29, 2011

[009]Once in a Lifetime Chance to Vote

I had been very happy and satisfied living in Serangoon for over 20 years. We have sheltered walkways, multi-storey carparks, MRT right beside us and NEX shopping mall newly added. But after all, my HDB flat is not mine but my parents and I have 3 other siblings. Eventually I would have to buy my own property and move out, but what if I'm still single by the time I reach 35? I can only buy open market HDB or private condominium. But today's cheapest condo prices will be tomorrow's cheapest HDB prices. Property prices had doubled but not our salary.

In fact, salary for the digital media industry had not increased one bit over this decade since I graduated from polytechnic 10 years ago. Sure, our government wants to promote Singapore as Asia's digital media hub and had been pouring funds to entice schools and companies to setup here. So we see a lot of new courses, new students, but not as many new jobs. To work in the art and design industry remains a job only for the determined and passionate individuals. Instead of funding only for big projects, there should be initiatives for small ventures like comics, short films, animations and mobile games for individual creators, not just for big companies.

Perhaps I'll be the generation of Singaporeans who will be unable to own our own property and had to either continue living under our parents, rent, or buy a property at our neighbor's land, since our land will be pretty much bought up by richer foreigners. Although I support the lightning party, I feel that there is a need for an opposition voice in parliament.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

[008] Youtube Fame

I think Uncle Yap's image is quite cute and memorable isn't it? Never fails to entertain me :P


[007] 35 Seconds Late 遲到35秒

I think that the biggest joke in this Singapore General Elections is the 35 seconds late reason for rejecting the application form by Ng Teck Siong's opposition party. Although I'm pretty sure PAP will win Tanjong Pagar even with voting, but this is just too stupid to give it a miss.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[006] Emergency Toilets 緊急廁所

What if a disaster strikes and water no longer flows? What if you're staying in a dorm where 10 people shares a single toilet!? What if all 10 of them needs to go at the same time? ... Maybe I should have bought that makeshift toilet from Tokyu Hands...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[005] Emergency Escape Bag 非常持出袋

I happened to pass by Tokyu Hands on Sunday and spotted a new corner selling lots of emergency goods... as expected, people are more willing to buy these stuff now than before. Since I hadn't finish equipping my important bag, I swarmed in to check out what cool products they have.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[004] Aftershocks 餘震

There are certainly less aftershocks recently but you know, the earth might rattle immediately after I post. Everything seems back to normal in Tokyo, no shortage of food, water or toilet papers. The only remnant of the disaster is the dimming of lights in supermarkets and shops. Water supply is also no longer contaminated by iodine131. However we all have to stay vigilant because experts say that a M8 aftershock might hit anywhere on east Japan this year.

On the other hand, my main concern now is insect invasion by 2 bugs:
1) Cockroaches from the opposite vacant room because the previous tenant had fed them too well, now they are seeking new playgrounds. I complained to the dorm manager and she gave me 3 traps to lure them. Currently they are working so-so as many of them were not stuck to the tape. Roaches are much easier to deal with than the one below:

2) Unknown bites caused by either bedbugs or fleas. Not sure which one is it but it seemed to have disappeared after I took my down feather jacket to dry clean and laundered some clothes on Thursday. Currently monitoring if there's any new bites, jumping black dots or crawling bugs on my white bed sheet. I'll be washing everything tomorrow with the sun and checking the mattress! Wish me luck that its not bedbugs! I had enough of that in San Francisco!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Japan 回到日本

I returned to Tokyo yesterday and my first dinner was sushi :) I have confidence that the Japanese people will not let highly contaminated food to get into the market. Fish here is definitely fresher and cheaper than Singapore! 


Friday, April 15, 2011

New comic title for download! 日記漫畫下載

I finally finished translating 31 pages of my diary comics drawn last year and serialized on my Taiwanese blog. I kind of liked this series a lot but because all of my old Chinese titles are from right to left, I have problems exporting them to eBook platforms. From now on, my comics will be standardized from left to right to make them more exportable worldwide.

Click here to read now!

終於把以前在無名網站的日記漫畫翻譯成英文了!O_O 在嘗試把漫畫放在不同的電子書籍媒體時發現:果然因為都是西方技術,所以都是從左到右,而不是右到左。所以決定為了以後漫畫可以成功轉換成電子書籍,還是統一一律從左到右比較好。


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Added Manga Downloads page

For the first time, I'm putting up my short story manga entry that I'd sumbitted into the 4th Morning International Comic Competiton (MICC) back in December 2009. It was the first time that my comic had made it into the initial round of an international contest. It is 34 pages long so it takes a bit of time to read. If you prefer the PDF version, you can download that in the respective links.

After drawing 110 pages of 4 short story comics, I must say, drawing them wasn't difficult, it was writing the stories that give me the headaches. Shichiya's Pawnshop had went through so many revisions that in the end of the day, I find that drawing short 4 panel comics was much more enjoyable.
Download the manga at my Manga Downloads page!



Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garage Sale extended till 17th April!

List of items for sale:

How to order?
  1. Take note of the book title and price.
  2. Drop me an email at (replace -at- with @)
  3. First come first serve, I'll reply within 24hrs whether or not the things that you want are still available. 
  4. After confirmation, your items will be temporary reserved.
  5. Collection at Serangoon mrt, NEL ticket entrance. Or arrange another time and central location when both of us are convenient.
After the items were paid and sold, it will disappear from the listing. Thank you very much!


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