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Comics: Fate, Luck and Feng Shui

Have you heard of this verse before on what to do to improve your life? Full verse (4th pointer onwards were added by many different people over the years 🙄): 一命二运三风水 1. Destiny 2. Luck 3. Fengshui (environment) 四积阴德五读书 4. Discreet Good Deeds 5. Education 六名七相八敬神 6. Name 7. Physiognomy 8. Respect Gods 九交贵人十养生 9. Connect with Noblemen 10. Maintain Good Health 十一择业与择偶 11. Select Career and Choose Partner 十二趋吉及避凶 12. Seek Luck and Avoid Calamity 十三逢苦要无怨 13. No complaining of hardship 十四不固执善恶 14. Not stubborn about right or wrong 十五荣光因缘来 15. You reap what you sow

Comics: Endless Sales

We are flooded by ads from e-commerce platforms on our TV and YouTube videos in Singapore everyday. They initially started out as just a 11.11 (singles day on 11 Nov) sale but soon became a monthly affair throughout the year. I hope they give us a break!

Comics: Humans are Scarier than Ghosts

It’s the 👻hungry ghost month in Chinese culture when it is believed that souls of the departed will be released to roam around the living world. Offerings are often made to appease them so they will not create mischief. However I think you would agree with me that humans are scarier, so this is a reminder to be kinder in our words 🌼

Comics: Opening doors at malls

Sorry readers, forgot to update my blog on Monday!