Monday, June 30, 2014

Odd Japanese English : SMART

Maybe the general perception is that slim people are smart? Or they mistook: "Hey, you look smart today!", for being slim? Hmmm...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Evacomics Talk and Book Signing during Makers' Block Festival

After going through much turmoil for the past 7 years figuring out what kind of comics I could draw so that people would follow (read my frustrated article here ), I am finally going to have a book!!! Although publishing a book is easy if you have connections and money, I wanted other people (not just friends) to buy and genuinly enjoy them.

Talk and Signing on 27th June (Fri) 12:00-14:00

During the 1 hr talk with Q&A, entitled as "The Power of Dreams" (no relation to Honda), I will talk about my childhood obsession of watching cartoons and then inspired to become a comic artist when I was exposed to manga (Japanese comics). I will describe how this dream brought me to study in US and Japan, and the obstacles faced while working towards my dream of being a comic artist and to have my comics widely read around the world. Throughout the presentation, you will see my old comics that didn't work out and what I learned from each failure to move on. I will also talk about the challenges faced by artists in Singapore based on my popular article "My Bee grade adventure as a full time artist".

And here is one of my attempts with Japanese companies when I was studying in Tokyo on July 2013:
I make every insult and rejection as an opportunity to prove them wrong. So now I am halfway at 50,000 likes and will continue to work hard to provide good original content without any help from big companies and FB advertising. Of course, I would gladly accept if any big company is willing to sponsor or commission me ;)

Other activities during Makers' Block on 29th June (16:00~18:00)

In collaboration with Touch & Print, there will be a custom t-shirt/bag making 2hr workshop for $40. Each participant will get one piece of plain white/black t-shirt or you can bring your own plain t-shirt to print (which is good because you can find a shirt that fits you perfectly first!). You can bring your own design (within A4)  or we can work together using Makers' Block Limited Edition Evacomics characters to print on the shirts!

For bookstore buyers and bulk orders

Please contact my publisher directly here to arrange:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My demonstration on a Cintiq 24HD during a Wacom Event at Scape

I met up with an ex-classmate during a business networking session and he coincidentally was working on organising this event so I was invited to go down for a demonstration. It was a bit creepy seeing your own photo...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Charity Sale at Sun Ray Cafe by Evacomics

I am holding a charity sale of 7 pieces of artwork at Sun Ray Cafe right now! They are all hand-painted/drawn, not digital, which means they are one of a kind!


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