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Comics: Changing Rooms in Japan

I always dislike to try clothes during winter time because of the many layers of clothes you have to remove as well as the boots. PS. I did not sit down to try the clothes...

Comics: Kids in Trains

I always think they are like monkeys, stepping on the seats, swinging around with the hangers, running around and making lots of noises... On the other hand, Japanese kids are very well-behaved and their parents would scold them if they disturb others.

Comics: The Real Kitty

I was at Sanrio Puroland last year and saw a trio of girls getting super excited when they saw My Melody mascot. They hugged and kissed the mascot while taking photos... so I was wondering... what if it's a guy beneath the mascot... will they still hug? HMMM....

Comics: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was finally released in Singapore last Saturday (6th Aug) but I haven't catch anything yet... Maybe I should light up some incenses and use some lures too. But maybe I will become tanned and muscular after a month. After all, I had never walked so much continuously in Singapore before... I walked a lot in Japan because the weather was cool, but no... not in Singapore... until this game... While everybody caught normal pokemons, I caught this... on my desktop, HA~ Happy Birthday Singapore! Since my Telco will be providing free data tomorrow, guess what I'd be doing :P

Comics: Convenient Stores

I often go to convenient stores to buy bento, snacks, cakes or vegetables when I was in Japan. Sometimes I will pass by their adult magazine section and wonder if I should play prank by browsing through it and see the reaction of customers and staff. But I wasn't brave enough and abandoned the idea...