Monday, May 15, 2017

Comics: Hiking in Japan and Singapore

I recently went hiking with a Japanese couple and the wife was surprised how hot and humid it was to hike in Singapore. She was stylishly dressed with makeup, but still maintained her chill look despite the sweat and still looked pretty (I was amazed how she could do that)! In Japan, women will also wear UV-cut sleeves or leggings to protect their limbs from the sun's rays.

Meanwhile.. I was probably leaving a trail of sweat along the way, hair sticking to my scalp, feeling sticky and all...

(Featuring the Gaston Luga backpack on the left)

P.S. Yes, I was compiling for book 3 and realised there were not enough comic strips so I am adding a few more. If you would like your name to be inside the book, please consider to become my patreon :P


  1. But It's verygood for to the diet.

    I could lose 2kg fat just walking in the nature and playing with the cats at St.John's Island (*^ー^)ノ♪

    1. Wow, there are cats there!?

    2. Yes!
      There are more than 30 cats.
      They are considerd as the Singapura's original species.
      So I thought going to St.John's Island is valuable experience for me.I am not satisfied with the cats caffe at Arab Street.
      Even so,it is regrettable that I can not paste cat's images here(´;ω;`)

      (CAUTION)The train frequency is too little from Marina Bay to Marina South Pier,and must be careful about the departure time of the ferry if you want to go.



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