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Comics: A Brand New Year

One more day and it will be another new year! 2019 had not been great for me with weak health and less commissioned projects. However because of that, I had time to pick up an interest that I had for some time: Chinese metaphysics. It helped me look into the problems and questions I had these years and map out how I should move forward. Maybe when I become better, I can also help to look at my patron's charts ;) With that, it's time to pack up all the memories and unhappiness away to embrace the new year with an open heart and mind. Thank you to all my readers for following me so far. Happy New Year!

Comics: Christmas, a season of giving...

Who's guilty like me? :P

Comics: How Comic Artists Earn Money

A lot of strangers would ask how I earn money after I introduce myself as a comic artist. So here is how! Actually we need to have multiple streams of income as each one does not guarantee a constant revenue.

Evacomics at AFA 2019 (Anime Festival Asia C3AFASG)

This was my 4th time boothing at AFA and as you can see, with more books, the table became a little bit more cramp...