Friday, January 28, 2011

Why many artists are still poor 為什麼藝術家還是窮的

Well, because I am the only artist in residence, I was asked by an office lady to help her with some simple drawings for her friend's wedding. I agreed without hesitation, because it is an artist's joy that someone requests an artwork from you. So I spent over an hour and whipped out some drawings over the night despite my busy schedule.

I thought that this job would be out of goodwill because I'd received some help from the office, e.g. to fix crappy things in the dorm. To my surprise, she seemed extremely satisfied and offered me an "orei" (gift) in return on Monday. I didn't expect it, but I was sure happy. But unfortunately, the gift never came. Maybe she didn't like them after all? I don't know. But this reminded me that this is exactly why many artists are still poor, because we draw for free and didn't know how to market or negotiate a deal for ourselves.

This also brings about the same old problem of many Singapore companies that want free artwork for their promotion materials, bargaining with artists that their names will be credited with the artwork, hence helping us to promote ourselves. Well, that's nice, but what do they expect the artists to eat for a living? only AIR!? Even HDB's air (government housing with 99year lease) commands a lot of money. In short, it's time to stop doing artwork for free, even if you must accept, make sure the other party at least treat you with some chocolates!




Kyushu 8: Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall 雲仙災難館

I was thinking of skipping this review, but I thought the museum's effort to raise awareness about volcanic eruption was rather well done. This small theater show made use of anime and puppet to narrate about what happened 200 years ago, called the "Shimabara Disaster". I was grateful that they had English guides :)
本來不要寫這篇的,但是因為我欣賞災難館為了提高大家對火山災害的意識,所以還是寫了。這小小的劇場使用了動畫和木偶來講述200年前,稱"島原大災害" 的故事。我很感謝他們有英文說明器 :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kyushu 7: Dejima 出島

Dejima, located in Nagasaki, was a man-made small island completed in 1636. The purpose was for Japanese to conduct trade with Portugals, but it was soon isolated due to rebellion to lift the  Christianity ban. It later became a major trading port between Netherlands and Japan. However, the island's surrounding was later reclaimed and thus the whole area had to be rebuilt to restore its previous glory.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gotemba Premium Outlet Bargain Sale 2011

This was my 3rd time to the Gotemba Premium Outlet for the bargain sale. My shopping friend was down with Influenza type A, now a rampage in Japan and Singapore, so I took the Premium Outlet Odakyu coach outside Shinjuku station that took me directly to the holy ground.

Thankfully with no red leaves, the journey was much smoother than the previous trip and shorter than 90mins. A magnificent view of Mt. Fuji can be seen from far, even with a clear view of its foothill.

WARNING: Lots of shopping blabbering ahead.




Friday, January 21, 2011

Kyushu 6: Shimabara Castle 島原城

Just another castle... (I think there were too many castles in our tour). This one, located in Nagasaki,  was constructed in 1616 and contained a lot of exhibits from the period of Christianity suppression.
又是另一座城(我們的行程也太多了吧!?都看起來大同小異) 。這座島原城位於長崎縣,1616建成。裡面的展覽品大多是基督教禁止時的雕像,記錄等。

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kyushu 5: Ferry ride

We took a ferry from Kumamoto to Nagasaki and the boring ride turned out to be like a zoo feeding frenzy. Tourists, who were like me, were snapping photographs non-stop to capture "the moment", when the sea gull grabbed the pocky stick.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kyushu 4: Kumamoto Castle 熊本城

Kumamoto Castle was constructed between 1601-1607 but the entire castle above the stone platform had been destroyed by fire in 1877. A rebuilt of the castle was carried out in 1960 and was completed in 2008, based on remaining old photographs and written accounts about the castle. As you can see, the stone platform has two different colored stones, marking the original charred ones from the newly added ones. The curve on the wall was meant to trick samurais into climbing them, only to find out later that it's impossible and unfortunately became easy targets to be shot.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stinky Dorm 2 髒寮

You may have remembered when I just moved into my international dorm, it was shockingly dirty. Then, there were the dirty sinks. But what I didn't mention earlier, was that either 1 or 2 girls in my floor, out of nearly 30 tenants, has been constantly dirtying the toilets by leaving her sh*t and urine around the toilet bowl!


I am particular about hygiene and this drives me insane. Complains to the admin office proved futile, so I finally resorted to draw a poster in hope to attract the culprit's attention into changing her inconsiderate habits.

Even with numerous posters pasted inside the cubicles, the culprit had ignored them. I am not sure if my poster would work, but I'd done my best. I hope all tenants be trained into keeping public places clean!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Japanese Hot Pot time 日本火鍋大餐

It's getting really cold in Tokyo now with everyday temperatures below 10 degrees.  What is a better food for winter than hot pot!? As expected, my smarty supermarket had already pumped up their shelves with lots of hot pot ingredients and soup base to embrace this demand. I soon joined in this delight with my multi-purpose rice cooker.
當然,我附近的超市已經擺好了火鍋所需的湯底和材料了。 我和我的萬能飯鍋也因此加入了這個火鍋熱。

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucky Bags 福袋

I came back to my tiny 9 sq meter Japan dorm only to find out that our floor's toilets had broken down and pipes in the washroom are leaking. On top of that, I have flu and sore-throat from too much unhealthy spicy and fried Singapore goodies. But, nothing,  NOTHING can stop me from scoring a L'occitane "Lucky Bag" which I had ordered 3 weeks ago from Hankyu online shopping mall and delivered today. This item was sold out within the first day. Muah-hahaha.

我回到我的小小日本9平方米房間,竟然發現這樓的廁所壞掉,洗手間的水管也漏水。不止這樣,我還因為吃太多油炸的新加坡美食而導致傷風喉嚨痛。可是!沒有任何東西能阻止我買到L'occitane的福袋!!! 這福袋是我3週前從Hankyu網購回來的,今天送到。福袋當天就售完了,可是我搶到了喔!哇哈哈哈~~~


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