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Comics: The Chinese Five Arts

You might have heard of some names but they are part of the Five Arts in Chinese culture that have been practiced since ancient times. How many do you know or practice? I personally have practiced Qigong and Taichi for a short period of time before I pick up yoga. I also visited TCM practitioners and have been poked with needles many times. I also learnt Bazi and Qimen (I only do readings for family and close friends at the moment😅).

Comics: Is Feng Shui a religion

Just realised that I forgot to upload this last month, so here it is!

Comics: Dealing with negative comments

I used to be affected by negative comments but after many years of experience, I decided to just remove and block the offensive comments if I see them. I have to accept the fact that creators cannot please everyone and there are surely people who don’t like you and/or your work. A hater will always hate and even become happier with the attention, so never give them the opportunity.

Comics: Sources of Inspirations

Where I get my inspirations from… 💩