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Comics: Copyrights 101

I did this comic because of the recent incident that my artwork was used by the Malaysian government for their mask distribution without my knowledge nor credit: Photo credit: Sky Loo A closer look: Photo credit: Sky Loo Here is my original artwork posted on my social media channels in Feb: There were 2 versions, this was the first version with my eyes open. The second expanded version had my eyes closed to look sick: As it was posted with another instructional comic, so I did not sign this particular page. Because the comic was used for a good cause and given away for free with the masks to protect people from the virus, so I accepted the apology from APM, the department in-charge of the infographics, that they did not know who drew it. However I would like to emphasize that it doesn't mean you can happily take anything from the internet to redistribute it without permission from the copyright owner,

Comics: We will become bigger better stronger

I gained 2kg so far...

Comics: Seal On!

Hope everyone is coping well so far!

Comics: Covid-19 Gentle reminders

We're going into a semi-lockdown for a month in Singapore from tomorrow onwards so I had been busy doing my last-minute shopping as well. I was also trying to fix some problems in Giphy and Tenor platform which doesn't seem to be working... But I will continue to try fix it so all stickers can be found on their api (which means on IG stories and Whatsapp). Meanwhile if you are interested to fund the production, you can become my Patron here: I wonder how is the rest doing? Hopefully a vaccine will be clinically available some time end of the year or early next year to truly solve this pandemic disaster. Meanwhile I will still continue to work from home, take care everyone!