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Japanese B4 and Singapore B4 size printing

I went to print my comics exported from Manga Studio today and to my surprise, the printer said that I got my B4 size wrong! So you can imagine how astonished I was because the size was generated by the software. I believe that he must be thinking what a Dumb Cow I was to get the size wrong. I was apologetic that he had to resize and make everything monochromatic. I was stuck there for nearly 4 hours because my file size was huge as well. I also agreed to use their thin 90gsm paper. 38 pieces @$1.50, around $60 after GST. A stack of prints which I was very unsatisfied. So I went home puzzled and determined to find out why I got the paper size wrong and to my dismay, oh Japan.... why must you have your own B4(JIS) standard!? The B4 ISO standard is 250mm x 353mm but B4(JIS) is 257mm x 364mm. No wonder I have been getting weird results for B4 prints these years! I hope to quickly reprint the whole stack tomorrow at another printer shop, write the scripts and send 'em off for the