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Comics: Coronavirus in Singapore

I find this the most puzzling in Singapore because there are healthy people, whole families and joggers, wearing these surgical masks during this #coronavirus or #wuhanvirus outbreak... I also noticed that some people are wearing oversized masks and some (usually elderlies) not securing their face masks at the nose tip. I hope one day we could be more responsible and wear masks when we are really sick like coughing and sneezing to prevent spreading to other people.

Comics: Dolly Parton Challenge

Here's my #dollypartonchallenge , please swipe right, thanks!

Comics: Taiwan Election

This comic is a special request from fans to draw something from my recent Taiwan trip! I had the chance to see one of the rallies. There was a live concert, food stalls and people giving away the political party’s merch like badges, tissue papers and magnets! It was so fun that my readers were asking me what festival I’m attending after posting on my stories 😂 So how are your election rallies like in your country? BTW, I'm now on Telegram too!

Comics: Telegram channel

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