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Comics: The Small Struggle

Fans who have been following me on FB/IG stories will know that I signed up for a 3-months lifestyle plan and consultation from a dietician to change my diet. 🎯The target is to shed 5 kg within 3 months and also reduce my high cholesterol at the same time. I'm logging in my food pics to keep track of what I eat on IG @eva.kopi.matcha to remind myself 😅 🤞🏻Hope I can wear my pre-lockdown clothes again and also clear my health screening this year!

Comics: Mercury Retrograde

In case you are forgetting to bring things out recently, missed busses/trains, having network or technological devices breakdown, etc... PS. Due to poor response, I might be stopping this series or just post once a month instead of weekly. Thank you for following me so far!

Comics: What is Grand Duke or Taisui 太岁?

This a topic requested by my friend, hope everyone understand more about what is actually the Grand Duke or what we call Taisui 太岁 in Chinese.

Comics: Depositing cash during Lichun

PSA: This custom only came up a few years ago and only practiced in Singapore. It makes use of people's desire to want to get money easily and promote their auspicious timing (and services) at the same time. There is no harm in this but this year, it's best not to practice this fake fengshui advise. Don’t spread COVID!