Friday, July 23, 2010

Didn't win anything 沒得獎

The results of Morning International Comic Competition (MICC) was out a few days ago:
Unfortunately me and the other Singaporean artist (omigod) didn't get into the finalist round.
So I expressed my disappointment in my twitter and facebook and became "emo" for a few days.
Thanks to friends who cheered me up, I'll try my best to stick my butt in a Japanese university to learn about how to do my own ebook comics and try the contest again after I'm done with all the hardcore Japanese studies... AJA AJA FIGHTING!




Sunday, July 4, 2010

New JLPT 2010 日本語能力試驗

Although I passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level 2 seven years ago, I went for another round of torture to challenge the new JLPT2. Apparently this time, the organizers had turned clever and decided to pass examinees based on how they fared in each section such as grammar, vocab/kanji, reading comprehension and listening comprehension. Unfortunately for me, my grammar and listening is weak and so the chances of passing is slim... -_-

For now, I'm glad that one test is over. The next agenda is to look for a Japanese Graduate School. Believe me, it's a pain in the ass to apply for Japanese Universities... I'll do a more detailed post on that when I'm more free <-which might not happen any time soon because of my scholarship activities too... I'm so BUSY that everyone commented that I'd slimmed down ever since I came to Japan. No time, little money... SIGH! What to do? At least I can watch a few FIFA matches in Japanese.


現在暫時可以鬆一口氣,接下來要準備找大學院。申請日本的大學院是一件超麻煩的事。等我有空時再寫一下。可是要等我有空在近期內是不可能的事。因為獎學金集團塞了一大堆活動和作業給我們!因為沒時間,錢又少(吃飯經費要節省),所以瘦了下來了。唉... 唯一慶幸的是至少有點時間看足球吧...


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