Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My demonstration on a Cintiq 24HD during a Wacom Event at Scape

I met up with an ex-classmate during a business networking session and he coincidentally was working on organising this event so I was invited to go down for a demonstration. It was a bit creepy seeing your own photo...

The reason for me being chosen was mainly because of my large fan base (grown "organically" without any artificial advertising) and usage of Cintiq 13HD on my promotional profile pic. I had been an avid user of Wacom tablets for 15 years and bought Cintiq 20wsx (later sold when I was in Japan), 13HD and 24HD. I will write another blog reviewing my new tablet ;)

I met a very young fan with her mum there and she was the very first one who came to talk to me. So I invited her to try drawing on the tablet. I must say, her drawing is very cute!!!

I did a deconstruction of my comics and a full demo drawing the one above. Not sure if it was funny enough, but it was damn hot...

Then I got to talk with my newly found artist friends:

Thank you all for coming down to support! And yes, we use Wacom don't we? ;P
If you are wondering which tablet is suitable for you, just drop me a comment below.


Next Kimberly Chia, a famous local celebrity, came and sat down for me to draw her. I told the organiser beforehand that I could only draw a sketch in B&W within 5 mins, but the host said that I would be drawing in colour... so... it turned out to be a 15-20mins impromptu full colour drawing of her as sailormoon(her favourite character) and adding the idea of a soccer ball below because of her on-going drama series featuring the football game. Her fans were very helpful in suggesting what to write as I tried to edit from Sailormoon's famous catch phrase: “代表月亮惩罚你”

I didn't have time to look for a better font and background. But if I had another 30 more mins it would become this:

After my demo, I went to have my real lunch with new friends in the media industry over sashimi and sushi:
Yes, we bitched a lot about our local industry and shared our experiences running businesses. Very good :P

My next event would be this:
See you all again there! \(≧▽≦)丿♪


  1. WOW!! Congratulation on your book!! Hopefully it will be on sales in Malaysia! :D
    I am not using wacom to draw. Any recommendation? :)

    1. Thanks Anfield! It will be available in Malaysia too... if the bookstore there want to buy it. My book is still printing right now... so I don't know how it will go.

      It depends on how serious you are in drawing. For me, I started with the most basic graphite, then Intuos later because the pressure sensitivity on Intuos is better. Cintiq is more expensive and more for professionals :)

  2. He-he, looks like it was fun event. My best congratulation with that :)

    So, it was creepy to see own portrait :lol: You should call creepo next time, I bet he will enjoy that.

    I've never heard before that seals eat sashimi. It should be very interesting to watch how did You draw that picture.

    That picture with new friends is very funny: girls are on the left and guys are on right :lol: Was it accidentally, or those are S-pore customs?

    S-pore style sushi looks very interesting: small piece of sushi on a plate with big glass of wasabi :lol:

    Waiting for Your book. Hope it will be possible to order it on-line :)

    Eva-san, good girl, keep it going!!!


    1. Haha creepo would be ok I think XD
      It was just coincidence tha the girls and boys were separated. I think because it is the first time we all meet, so it is natural that we are shy and group together like this.
      Thanks ewww!

    2. He-he, You'd tell me, please, that green substance in the glass, what is it? Wasabi?
      I am thrilled ... You know, in local restaurants, they put small piece of wasabi on the plate, that is not enough to make me cry.

      Anyway, I did small experiment, and tried to reproduce that picture with seal on the paper in color ... it took more that hour, and quality was so-so. I think that You are very skilled with that cintiq tab. Biiiiig respect. And I do really feel sad that I did not watch how You did it.

      Have a great weekend,

    3. Yes, it's non-authentic wasabi XD
      And they are very weak~

      Your printer must be very old to print for an hour!?
      And the one I uploaded wasn't even full res!

      I don't look pretty on all views except it will be challenging to see me record my own demo XD

    4. He-he, it wasn't printer. I did it manually.

      I took the sketch paper, pencils and watercolors and black marker. I draw a draft, and colored it after, and put outlines and shading at the end. It took almost 90 minutes and three spoiled sheets of paper. So, I made conclusion that You are superb in painting, cuz You did that picture in less than 30 minutes.

      non-authentic wasabi ... yeah, poor people of S-pore.


    5. I did it digitally, which is much easier to undo and adjust :P

      Yeah... the wasabi here is not freshly grounded...

    6. Heh, and I could use wider brushes, cloth for undo and adjust, and black marker for outline, which is way faster than a awkward tablet :P


    7. Ssshhhh dun tell Wacom about this XD

  3. Hehehe niceeee! Its great that you have made that fan base so big with your own strength, go Eva!

    Keep it up, *calp* *clap*

    1. Yes, it was long and difficult, but finally making it!
      Thanks creepo!!!



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