Saturday, June 14, 2014

Charity Sale at Sun Ray Cafe by Evacomics

I am holding a charity sale of 7 pieces of artwork at Sun Ray Cafe right now! They are all hand-painted/drawn, not digital, which means they are one of a kind!

*The top right painting is by my friend, Kelly Ho.

It is on-going now and will be there until the pieces are sold.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to either Singapore Cancer Society or A Packet of Rice. Sun Ray Cafe will be donating them on my behalf and I will update with the receipts later.


We got this idea when Kelly, my friend/amateur artist/lawyer, took me to her friend's cafe after we finished painting at an art jamming session. We looked at the blank wall of the cafe and proposed to Dave, one of the co-owners, about the collaboration for a charity sale. So here is an introduction of the artwork that I am putting up. Once artwork is sold I will update the status here along with the chosen beneficiary by the buyer.

Sun Ray Cafe (pet cafe) is located at:
79 Brighton Crescent
Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 559218 
Tel: 62838700

Description of the Artwork

"Evacomics in Wonderland"
Acrylic and Marker on Canvas

This artwork was inspired by my dog's name: Kopi and the old name of the cat: Teh. The setting is like a tea party in Alice in Wonderland, but with Singapore-style breakfast: Kaya toast, eggs and coffee. The cast: Eva as Alice, Kopi as Madhatter and Matcha (new name for my cat) as the White Rabbit.

Price: $300 (SOLD on 16th Jun)
Chosen beneficiary: A Packet of Rice

"Clarke Quay"

This is a non-original piece, could not locate information of the original painting. This watercolour piece took me 2 months to complete due to the intricate details.

Price: $300

"Mushroom and Dried Chilli"

This is an early work based on a still-life setting.

Price: $250


This is a non-original piece, could not locate information of the original painting.

Price: $250

"Kray's Inventory"

I used to buy a lot of books and had to sell them in order to make space for more. So I created an online shop called "Kray's Inventory" to list them all. The painting within the painting is my self portrait and the person on the desk is me, who transformed into a wizard working at night to key in all the book information to sell. The style was heavily influenced by Lord of the Rings and illustrations by Jimmy, a renown Taiwanese illustrator.

Price: $700 (SOLD on 15th Jun)
Chosen beneficiary: A Packet of Rice

"The Great Escape"
Graphite Pencil and Marker

The protagonist works on her magic together with a creature from the underground ruins to escape from the monster. This artwork was inspired by anime series: Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water.

Price: $800 (SOLD on 16th Jun)
Chosen beneficiary: Singapore Cancer Society (with cheque)

"Love at First Sight"
Watercolour on Canvas

The girl dropped her fan accidently into the pond and was picked up by a boy who happened to pass by.

Price: $80 (SOLD)
Chosen beneficiary: Singapore Cancer Society (with cheque)

The Cafe Menu

While you're at the cafe, don't forget to order a cup of coffee from their barista and owner: Dave. Their cappuccino is fantastic :)

My favourite dish is the Yorkshire Pork.

Next is Duck Confit.

This is me and Dave, the co-owner of the pet cafe.

So please help to support our project by buying a painting :)
Alternatively you can donate any amount directly to charity organisations here:

Thank you very much!



  1. He-he, Eva-san! How nice is it. That Your charity sale makes me proud to be Your fun.

    BTW, I am so sad that I can not visit that café, especially because I do like Your works a lot. I'd like to have that watercolor with Kray's inventory in my possession, that is very cool picture, and I like it very much.

    Also, I want to let Ya know that You are looking spectacularly well, and even better. I could imagine how beautiful You are in real life *blush*

    Great job and good luck,

    1. Thank you very much ewww :)
      I'm also very proud to have such a great fan like you too!

      We just sold another painting yesterday, waiting confirmation about the check :)

  2. i always wanted to go to sun ray cafe! hopefully i'll be able to go this year! XD and of course i'll bring my cutie along! (furkid)

    1. It's a very nice place to dine with your pet!
      Have a great time with furkid! :D

  3. Great pieces and nice idea! Oh and nice picture at the end, looking nice Eva :)



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