Thursday, September 14, 2017

Evacomics at STGCC 2017

My latest book "Eva, Kopi and Matcha 2.0" (aka. EKM2.0) made it on time for STGCC (Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention) this year so I rented a expensive booth table there. Because of that, I was also invited to be in a panel to talk about the local comics scene along with Dan Wong (A Good Citizen), Derrick Chew (DCWJ) and WaHa (CDS).

You might be wondering why no wall because I sell mainly comic books this time and ehem, with a wall would cost $749 (w GST), without a wall is $535. So yeah, a pillar is good enough 😏 #canSTGCClowerRentORTicketPriceNextTime?

I was selling some new postcards and bookmarks but sales was not as good as AFA maybe because a lot who came to buy my books were my friends? 😅

Nevertheless we managed to sell out all 6 of the remaining cat cushions! I had been trying to clear the cats for 2 solid years (read about my agony here). It has been quite a nightmare but it was a good learning experience. I find that Singapore is not a good place to sell niche products due to the small market size and high rental cost. I cannot produce too many so the unit cost is high and I cannot sell too high otherwise people won't buy. Therefore margin is really squeezed and not feasible to reproduce again. But if you know of a supplier who can produce 100pcs of good quality plushie, please let me know! Because you know, there's still Kopi...

I did not participate STGCC for 2 years so I wasn't sure how many books to bring. If I bring too many, I would have to carry all the leftovers back by myself. So it was a surprise that I sold out all the 90 copies of my latest book that I brought to the convention on the first day. Sunday crowd was much lesser but nevertheless still managed to clear the additional 36 books that I brought. However I'm very sorry to fans, who came down to buy my books but only to find out that there was no more stock. m(_ _)m

There were Final Fantasy XV characters posing right next to my booth! (Hope everyone got my backdrop XD) #freeAdvertisingUnlocked

I was happy to meet many of my fans who came despite the high ticket charge and shared with me their photos on Instagram and Facebook! (Photo credit: @daisyxlavender, @magh82, @edwinchiam, Richard, Siva, Swee Shoon, Hochi, @kennethkohl, @pandsqwark84)

Also with Captain America (@captainAmericaSG), Darthvadar (@willis_sia) and Saber ( @ytrxfood), @kaiyoots and @reddy1724 (Sorry Aaron always forget your name)

💗💕Big big thanks to all of you who came down this STGCC to support my books!

Lastly, I would like to thank my apprentice Emmanuel and Patreon fan volunteers: Zenus and Steffi for helping me manage the sales and take photos for my fans. Thank you all so much for the help! :D #SurelybynowyouallnoticedmyMathsFail

If you missed this, fret not. I have a string of events lined up till end of the year!  you all can either visit me at Translate Singapore or Kinokuniya Book signing this month! All 3 volumes of my books will be available for sale at the festival and book signing! I will also be at the Singapore Writers Festival in Nov!

Last but not least, I applied for a booth at AFA, but I don't know if they'll pick me. ★So if you would like to see me at AFA again, please "communicate persistently" with the organizers so they will shortlist me for the artist alley booth, THANKS!!! 😁


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    1. Eva, Kopi and Matcha, it was published in 2014.



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