Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Visit to Google Office in Singapore

Thanks to PurpleClick Media and DBS Business Class, I won a short tour around the Singapore Google office last Friday!

First stop was their brainstorm room. There were movable panels, pretty cool. We artists like that :)

A snacks and drink bar, woho!

All the free snacks you can eat, yes!

After snacking, you might want to do yoga or pilates. They have classes conducted here regularly too!

A big gym to keep fit 😍

 And more snazzy equipment.

Nice decorations everywhere.

Oh wait, snack and drinks bar again!? There's one on each floor and there are 7 floors in total!

When we reached level 5, we could smell really good coffee. They have 2 baristas here, who needs Starbucks!?

Then we reached the YouTube offices.

Nice deco again~

This floor has fancy drink bar with fruits infused water!

 Your regular tea and water can be found too.

Level 6 is my favorite...

...because you have a nap room!!! You can literally spend 24hr in office!

Drink bar again, looks normal.

But behold, they have a manicure and pedicure room! And you can get your hair cut too!

This... is the spa room waiting corner...yes, they have MASSAGE AND SPA!

There is no fixed desk space to do your work so you can just sit anywhere to do your job, even looking as though you are on holiday.

7th floor looks like a furniture store.

The main canteen is located here.

They have food from different regions.

 It was after lunch hour so not much left for me to take photos with.

 They have pool tables and table soccer games.

 So much bottled water...

We climbed 7 stairs, so I guess this balances all the food and snacks available?

The tour was only 30min and we returned to the seminar room to attend the marketing talk presented by PurpleClick Media and Kobe.

I really enjoyed the tour and talk. If only I could stay a bit longer to try the food, the coffee, the snacks, the atas drinks, the massage... ...😚😚😚


  1. Hi, could you share with me the contact to arrange a tour and sharing with Google?

    1. Hi, you gotta look out for public events organised by their partners.

  2. May I know a google email addres Singapore for asking about office tour to google ?

    1. May I know the email address of the HR Dept in Google Asia Pacific. My email address cdcruz15@yahoo.com.sg

      Thank you

  3. Hi, my co is interested to learn abt the culture of Google...would like to find out the contact to arrange for a tour for my company...Thanks.

    1. Hi I went through a PR agency, so I do not know how to arrange myself. Maybe you can contact them directly.



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