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The Ultimate Review of 21 Sweet Japanese Matcha Snacks

japanese matcha snack sweets japan
Ok seriously, this review took me like 10 months to complete and I gained a whopping 2kg as a result for not exercising too. That's why I had been doing yoga every week to shed those additional pounds of fats...

japanese matcha snack sweets japan
For those of you who don't know what is Matcha 抹茶, it is finely milled green tea that you see at green tea ceremonies. My review mainly covers matcha snacks that you can find at Japanese convenient stores and supermarkets *in Japan*, not those expensive ones at department store basement.

The following snacks were reviewed in the order of which got eaten first (based on expiry date)!

japanese matcha snack sweets japan galbo mini
Galbo is one of my favourite matcha snack introduced during summer. The selling point was that it doesn't melt and stick to your hands like what usually happens to your chocolate snacks under the heat during summer. The outer coating was matcha milk chocolate, and inside was chocolate cookie with chocolate cream at the centre. Tasted pretty good. However I will not recommend putting it into the refrigerator  because the whole thing got hardened and didn't taste that good.
Buy again: YES!

japanese matcha snack sweets japan country mama
Their original chocolate cookie was popular because it tasted nice after microwaving. However I personally found this matcha flavour too sweet after heating it up and tasted rather average even straight out from the package. The wrapper was rather big with very small contents, what a waste of plastic!
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan chocolande
It had a powdery matcha and milk chocolate taste that slowly melt inside your mouth. I personally prefer my snacks to be crunchy so I give it a pass.
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan coloco
This one was not too sweet and had a good balance of matcha and chocolate taste. Melted in my mouth but not as bad as Choclande above.
Buy again: Maybe?

5) MOCHI SHOKORA / mochi chocolate
japanese matcha snack sweets japan mochi shokora mochishokora chocolate
There were 4 balls in a pack. Texture was really mochi-mochi (chewy) like it advertised on the packaging. Tasted pretty good and suitable to pair with a cup of tea.
Buy again: YES!

japanese matcha snack sweets japan alfort
Their dark chocolate version was very good but the matcha version proved too sweet for my liking. The combination of white chocolate and digestive biscuit was (=_=)
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan otonamo choco ball chocoball
Doesn't stick to hand, tasted almost like Galbo, which was pretty good.
Buy again: YES!

8) TOPPO Matcha Milk
japanese matcha snack sweets japan toppo milk
Crunchy biscuit on the outside and nice matcha cream inside. Not bad.
Buy again: Maybe?

9) TOPPO Matcha roll cake
japanese matcha snack sweets japan toppo roll cake
Like the above, it was crunchy biscuit on the outside and nice matcha cream inside. But the biscuit was slightly thicker and the cream filling was textured like smashed up roll cake, which was very interesting. If you can only choose one between these two, I would choose this.
Buy again: Maybe?

japanese matcha snack sweets japan quattro
The packaging touted to have a remarkable 4 layer of luxurious flavour: matcha, bitter chocolate, brown sugar sauce and biscuit. But these did not save the snack from my bad rating. The brown sugar overpowered the rest of the snack and it just tasted weird and nothing matcha.
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan sakusaku panda
Okay, the biscuits were cute and had different expressions. Definitely for kids because it was damn sweet, EEKS!!!
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan kitkat otonano amasa sakura green tea
12) KITKAT: Otona no amasa Matcha
This is my all-time favourite, no review required, just buy. Basically "otona no amasa" literally means sweetness for adults, so it is not too sweet and the sweetness just right for adults so you can enjoy the flavour fully.
Buy again: YES!

13) KITKAT: Sakura Matcha
Not bad if you like sakura flavour, a bit too sweet for me. You can only buy this at the airport or at specialty souvenir shops in Japan.
Buy again: Only as gift because of packaging.

14) KITKAT: Uji Matcha
It tasted a bit sweeter than Otona no amasa but still not bad. A bit on the pricey side because of the packaging. Like Sakura green tea, you can only buy this at the airport or specialty souvenir shops.
Buy again: Only as gift because of packaging.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan tart bar
I was amazed that it was actually not bad and not too sweet.
Buy again: Maybe?

16) CACAOplus
japanese matcha snack sweets japan cacaoplus
There was a strong taste of matcha at first because of the powdery coating, but it was soon covered by the sweet chocolate inside later.
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan pocky crush
Nice texture but the matcha flavour was rather weak.
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan pocky hukaaji huka aji matcha
Nice matcha flavour but a bit too sweet for me.
Buy again: NO.

19) OREO bits sandwiches
japanese matcha snack sweets japan oreo bits sandwiches latte
I liked Oreo biscuits a long time ago so I was looking forward to try the matcha flavour. Alas, it was just tooo sweet!
Buy again: NO.

japanese matcha snack sweets japan crunky crunch chocolate
I really dislike this because it was too sweet and the "puff" inside was already not crispy and therefore not "crunky". Anyway my nephew loved it a lot... so I guess you can buy it for kids but not for yourself.
Buy again: NO.

japanese snack sweets japan meiji rich matcha biscuits
This is also one of my all-time favourite with a good strike of balance between the mildly sweet matcha cream filling and the bitter chocolate cookie.
Buy again: YES!

That is all for my review, special thanks to my Japanese friends: Naoya and Yuta for contributing so much Matcha snacks to me!!! (T▽T;;;)

Feel free to leave comments below about your favorite matcha snack! Of course, if you have some extra at home, you can also send some to me too :P

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  1. Replies
    1. OH! I didn't get to try that one! Well, next time!

  2. wtf you're like so picky. you hate everything and everything is "too sweet" for you .. then just eat a bitter gourd la! so much to complain sia. btw, you look like an ah lian :) just diam diam and eat

    1. Oh, you want a review for kids such as you right? Say so lah, alamak, just go and eat lollipop, much more affordable for you.

  3. You must try it. It's really really good :). However, it melts easily (I wonder if that's why it's called Melty Kiss haha).
    Thank you for your review, I will try Meiji biscuits.

    1. Haha sure Ami, I'll go grab it when I see at the Japanese supermarket ;)

  4. I've tried 6 (Alfort biscuit, Pocky Matcha, Kit Kat Uji Matcha, Meiji biscuit, Crunky & Oreo Bits) out of 21 that you mentioned :D I actually like Alfort lol. I tried Oreo soft cookies too but I don't like it :/

    1. Haha, I think I will try Oreo again to double confirm :P
      But I have to finish my Chinese New Year cookies first :PPP

  5. ooooooooohhhh would love to try that mochi and otonamo choc ball, looks like maltase green tea version! Thanks for the sharing! :D

  6. And there was nobody to stop You from uncontrollable chocolate consumption. だめだめ!

    ewww ...

    1. HAHA.... well yes, the weighing machine.
      It has great powers.... (sometimes)

  7. i'm really picky on snacks too so this review really helps!! thanks and i will try the ones you like :)

  8. I love japanese snacks, I usually order from as they give me good deals and free shipping :)



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