Monday, July 7, 2014

Universalist and Particularist

Based on Trompenaar's dimensions of culture: Universalism and Particularism
Same rules always apply VS rules change according to situation and relationship.

Previous cultural dimensions:
Collectivist and Individualist
Neutral and Emotional


  1. Hahaha well love the expression with the bear...but I kind of think that it depends...I once saw this huge line for the bank and some dude just walked in and ignore the line and I Heard some guys talking between them "Well its good to to be the best friend of the CEO"..don't know if that was true...still. On the other hand I was in the security line at the airport and in my line was this guy who used to make documentaries...forgot the name now, still was a renown guy in the US and still he had to make the line just like all the rest of us.

    1. Haha well this context is not just for queue but also in law. For example in US, everybody has to follow the same set of law, no exceptions. But in Singapore, our policies are dictated by one family who could draft anything to their benefit... Anyway I better not say too much political stuff, I might get sued or locked up :/



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