Friday, May 27, 2011

Molecular Gastronomy in Tokyo? 東京的分子美食?

After a Vermeer art exhibition at Bunkamura, Shibuya, my friend and I went to a French restaurant called Chez Matsuo that offered a glass of free grapefruit juice with every Vermeer ticket. Our appetizer's presentation was contemporary and had a great use of color. But what intrigued me was the leaves that looked like as if bubbles were attached to them!?
觀賞在涉谷的油畫畫展後,我和朋友到了一家名為Chez Matsuo的法國餐廳吃飯。開胃小菜的裝扮非常前衛和色彩繽紛。不過最讓我覺得好奇的是...那個好像有很多泡沫的葉子能吃嗎!?<-過後還是吃了!

The other side of this plate was a fancy tuna mash with a weird black cone.

What's with the foamy sauce? Was this the legendary "Molecular Gastronomy"??? So... what's "Molecular Gastronomy"? According to wikipedia, it is a discipline practiced by both scientists and food professionals that studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking.

Wow... fancy.

這麼多泡沫是怎麼一回事啊?難道是傳說中的分子烹飪??? 那麼分子烹飪是什麼?根據一些網站,分子烹飪是將化學,物理和其他科學原理運用到烹飪上,準備和其原料當中。

Dessert was apple tart with caramel and wine ice-cream. I prefer non-alcohol.

We were pretty satisfied with the overall meal but were soon disappointed by the fact that our future meals will be relatively crappy. Although the dishes are far from authentic French, you can visit their homepage to find out more:
雖然我們對整體來說相當滿意,但是突然領悟到以後的食物將會是相比的爛,所以感覺有點失落-_-... 雖然這些料理都感覺不是很法式,但是假如你有興趣的話,可以到他們的官方網站查詢更多:

My weekend will be busy but I'll try to resume my comics on Sunday!


  1. 好高檔唷 不會很貴嗎?><

  2. 小卓:還好也~3360yen,約1200台幣吧?

  3. hehe, now you know it's kinda molecular gastronomy stuffs.

    It's about having fun with food, re-inventing food :) Interesting twist, non-conventional and also high tech equipment!

    Hope you have fun!

  4. Taria: YEAH! It was sure weird, but I think it wasn't extreme like what they introduced on TV with all the nitrogen frozen/cooked food and all. I'm sure the hardcore ones will be more expensive!

  5. Btw, is the black cone edible or jus for display?

  6. hui: It's edible! But we have no idea what it is made of... :/



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