Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eat at Shinagawa, Drink at Neko Cafe 吃在品川喝在貓咖啡

Facebook is amazing. I got to catch up with a high school friend whom we had never seen each other since graduation 14 years ago. The first place we reunited? Shinagawa station in Tokyo. The first restaurant we went? Wanofu, a traditional Japanese restaurant located right inside a shopping mall inside the station! She ordered the unagi-don set that cost 1500yen and I ordered the more expensive "flower" set that cost 3600yen, my most expensive splurge on meals on record in Japan!


This was my appetizer. We had mixed views about the taste of the various dishes. But we had to agree that it was very healthy.

Sashimi is pretty standard, but what delighted me was the taste of the cod fish.Very delicious~~~

We were extremely impressed with their service as they paid attention to when I finished the dishes and swiftly came over to change them. The waiter even brought in the actual desserts for me to choose between the cheese cake or Mont Blanc (French chestnut dessert). I chose the Mont Blanc and it didn't disappoint me :) Check out Wanofu at their website.

I asked my friend for her next place of interest and to my surprise, her reply was "Neko Cafe", a cat cafe where you can get to harass pat cats. Her next meal appointment was at Ikebukuro with other Gackt fanatics, so I used my trusty Softbank iPhone to locate a Neko Cafe near Sunshine City.


享受完美味的午餐後,就問問朋友還要去哪裡逛。沒想到她竟然想去傳說中的貓咪咖啡店...=_=; 因為她下一個飯局在池袋,所以我用我的Softbank iPhone查到了一間靠近陽光城的貓咪咖啡館。

Neko Cafe at Ikebukuro 池袋的貓咪咖啡
Here's our first visit into a Neko Cafe, with some manga and sofas to sit and relax in. It costs 200yen for every 10mins stay. We later realized that the Japanese term for "Free Drinks", did not translate to zero-cost drinks, but meant "Free-flow" drinks. So we ended ordering 350yen of "Free Drinks". Geez... Japanese's English... ...

這是我們第一次去這種咖啡館。店內有沙發和漫畫。費用是每10分鐘200yen。我們之後發現原來日本的英語:"Free Drink",指的不是免費飲料,而是指”無限量“飲料。因此我們錯誤的點上350yen的“free drink"。日本人的英文實在是... ...《無言》

We named this cat "mama-san", because she was the most dutiful cat around. She patrolled the vicinity often, making sure all customers got to see her and pat her. She even performed some occasional stunts to amuse us. This was unlike some cats, which just stayed in the same spot, sleeping.


For example, this huge black cat refused to get out of his bag. We spent 70mins there and it costs 1750yen/ea, but it was worth it to satisfy my ecstatic cat-lover friend. If she has more time, I'll bring her to my neighborhood, where there are cats roaming in the streets, free of charge~
Check out the Neko Cafe that we'd went.



  1. It was such a splurge!!! T____T But homg... so happy!!!

    Thanks so so so much for pei-ing me there. I bet you spent more on that day alone then like almost all days (excluding exceptional situations) while living there in Japan >_<

    But yeah.. so thankful we got to catch up. hahaha. Actually SGMA did bring us to come back into contact with one another. FB just did the trick of ensuring we meet up in person XD

  2. Ask her come back Spore lah~~ beautiful strays all around HDB blks.... esp the grey stripped ones, sooo cute! XD

  3. hahaha. There's like 7-9 cats just below my flat. Unfortunately the strays don't like to be haras-*cough* touched. LOL

  4. Kee: Haha ya but we didn't bother to meet up. I think it's only when it becomes rare to meet, e.g. overseas, then there is an urge to meet. Otherwise always in Singapore, don't see the urge to meet right? XD

    You need to bring food next time to your cats downstairs la. So many cats, sure got someone feeding them one, you can hang out during feeding time, hahaha~

    hui: Ya my stray cats that used to be downstairs of my hdb block were very friendly. But I think my grc did their job too well and swept out all the strays there liao.

  5. Cool!
    Once of these days need to go also.

  6. Kelvin: Expensive wor, you willing to pay 200yen per 10mins? You come to my place got this cat always sitting at the window for passerby to pat.

  7. Hey, that`s the Neko Cafe I visited when I was in Japan!
    The cats are always sleeping.. ;<

  8. zs: Exactly! I noticed that a lot of Japanese respect that and don't force the cat to be awake.



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