Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[024] Since Complains are Unresolved 既然投訴沒用

I read that customer calls nowadays in the US are subcontracted to India, but what about Singapore? From my personal experience, they always sound Filipino and address us as "Mam...", perhaps they're  based in Philippines??? Maybe I should ask them next time... yes... when I'm feeling very bored...



  1. 看不懂......................

  2. Call centres in Australia are mainly sub-ed to India too. And they teach the Indians how to speak Australian English, and they use their slang too like "good day mate, how can I help you?" But you can still make up they are Indians trying to speak Aussie English.

    I have problems with the one that still have the heavy Indian accent... one time I was heaps frustrated and hang up and call again so I can get another customer service officer.

    There's also another downpoint... the call waiting time is like forever...

    And one time I called the phone company to ask about telephone and internet service they provide. When I ask about telephone service, they say "hold on, let me transfer you to the telephone department" , when I ask about internet service they say "hold on, let me transfer you to the internet department" and each transfer takes forever... highly frustrated. Imangine waiting 15mins on transfer, maybe sometimes 30mins -.-"

    You guys should be spoil by Singapore's excellent customer service!

  3. 小卓:糟糕...怎麼又不見了>_<

    Taria: WOW!!! I don't know about that!!!!!!!
    What a shock, must be really frustrating with that fake Aussie accent!

    I'd been put on hold once for 15mins with Singtel. That was frustrating and it was a long wait while they transfer me from department to department. Citibank also tried to hang me up by saying that they'll return my call, which they never did. Who says Singapore has an excellent customer service!?

  4. 原來是這樣阿... 台灣的工人也很可憐

  5. 小卓:難怪我常遇到有錢去外國留學的台灣人,通常家裡都是做自己生意的!所以感覺在台灣做生意都很有錢~~~!

  6. Singapore doesn't have excellent customer service! In fact, most times service in Sg SUCKS! XDDD Think Eva can attest to that.

    Once I called Harvey Norman to ask if I can pay the remainder of my purchase balance by cheque, and how to address it (wasn't indicated in the receipt)...

    Hotline -> (10min) Electronics Dept -> (5min) Washing machine Dept -> (15min) Cashier -> Electronics (10min) -> Washing machine Dept -> (15min) Delivery Dept

    By this time I was nearly screaming into the phone asking people NOT to redirect me. And everytime I said "PLEASE do not redirect me anymore!!" the person on the phone will go "wait." *redirects* I was so so so so frustrated and angry because no-one can answer my SIMPLE question...

  7. Kee: Ya man, customer service is almost non-existent in Singapore..., might as well serve yourself.

    Talking about Harvey Norman, I also had a bad experience with their store in Millenia Walk. I was looking for their special offer DVD recorder and asked them about it. They looked for it then told me no stock. Suddenly, I noticed that there's different box in a stack and pulled out. It was the special offer DVD recorder so I asked if I could buy it. Stupid me, I shouldn't have asked because the sales was surprised, took the box to check and disappeared for more than 10-15 mins. When he came back he said that the DVD recorder was already ordered by someone else and I couldn't buy it! SIAN~ I'm disappointed by Harvey Norman, thinking it is some sort of branded electronics shop, but it's worse than neighborhood.



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