Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Golden Week groceries shopping 黃金週的購物

Taking a short break from election, I became lazy to cook and decided to buy bento and listen to online FM100.3 in my room. Above bento costs 498yen, beautifully decorated and tasted good.

Bought this Japanese Yamagata 100% grape juice 600ml for 473yen. Sweet but quite expensive.

This Hokkaido melon jelly costs 714yen for 4 small packs. It says that it's a winner for some kind of world competition, but I do not find the taste of the jelly impressive. It also recommends freezing it to enjoy it as a sorbet which I'll try later.

My old umbrella that had served me for more than 7 years had finally broke so I bought a new one for 2100yen at Tokyu Hands. I'm amazed at how detailed they label everything from the size of the frame to the weight of the umbrella on the display shelf. This new umbrella features a carbon treated fabric that will block 99% of harmful UV ray. The weight is lighter than my old umbrella and I'm satisfied with its function :)
服務我7年的雨傘終於功成身退了,所以去Tokyu Hands 買了一把2100yen的雨傘。Tokyu Hands的架子上都會把骨架的尺寸和雨傘的重量標得清清楚楚,相當細心!這把雨傘的特別炭處理布料可以遮擋99%的UV喔!!! 重量也比我前任雨傘輕,相當滿意^-^

My textbook flew in from Malaysia although I ordered it from Amazon Japan. Must be some smart guy in Malaysia who is spreading his distribution all over eBay and Amazon, knowing that there are many students that will go online to look for cheaper deals. I'll be studying this textbook during golden week and keeping tabs on the election.

Tokyo Japan Now 東京日本的現狀
Everything is normal now but there's occasional negligible amount of iodine131 in tap water. The amount is deemed so little that it doesn't affect health. Aftershocks are not that frequent and rather small-scale. My friend is coming in this month due to the attractive tour promotions
But I would advise tourists to bring torchlight, whistle and handphone. Just in case. You can read about the list of items I have in my emergency bag here.

Ok, I can't stop talking about the election
I just joined PAP's Facebook chat with PM Lee. I think it's a good attempt to draw youth crowds at the last minute to acknowledge our existence and issues more sincerely. This is only made possible during election thanks to opposition pressure. I'm pretty nervous about my marine parade grc. Perhaps I should try to cool down and accept Tintin to be my mp... ... a bimbo that we can trust to have no opinions, a voice that will represent all vain women. I may be lucky and get to see her with a birkin bag (Kate Spade would be too cheap) 5 years later during election when she does her long walks again. Yes we're idiots, we‘ll allow that to happen.

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