Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[011] Tin Pei Ling (Singapore special)

I had supported PAP, but did our government take our support for granted by pulling in any fancy parrot they can find? I'm very angry. Angry for myself to have missed the deadline for overseas voter application. Thanks to youtube and facebook, I now see the light.

A MP who will stamp her feet when she "don't know what to say"
A MP who said that healthcare cost now is "already quite low and manageable in Singapore"
A MP who "don't have any specific policies" that she felt "strongly against"
A MP who walks a lot and then tells us how much she'd walked first thing in a rally
A MP who will be getting $15,000/month for the next 5 years

Are we treated like idiots that we have no choice but to choose her team?
Guess what?
I think she'll get her $15,000x12x5= $900,000 (excl. bonus) and we'll all be paying for her.
That sux...




  1. Hi Eva:

    It is a joke or a real story ?


  2. Hi Chris, it's a joke, but who knows? It may be real after she's elected. Sad...

  3. 感覺好糟糕唷......

  4. 小卓:雖然她沒講我漫畫裡面的內容,

  5. 突然想起一個笑話

    有天A政客到B政客家作客, A說"你家好漂亮喔~", B說"你看到那邊那座橋了嗎?", A說"看到了", B說"因為有那座橋我家才可這麼漂亮!!"
    幾年後...換B到A家作客, B說"你家比我家更漂亮", A說"你看到那邊那座橋了嗎?", B說"沒有", A說"就是沒看到所以才如此漂亮"



  6. Chris: 這個...冷笑話?

  7. You do know that Tin Pei Ling is the weakest team in Marine Parade GRC and if she were to compare to the opposition it should be the weakest link which is ABDUL SALIM HARUN , comes from Woodlands Secondary School, ITE and is a warehouse assistant. The main guy running the GRC campaign for Marine Parade from PAP is SM Goh Chok Tong and the opposition has not had a concrete 5 year plan and would also be earning that $90k for the next 5 years and in this case, a warehouse assistant which will earn more than you and me. Just for your information and hope it helps.

  8. Rabbit: Yes I already read the same thing from xiaxue's post, thanks. However do you want to vote for a team who is compassionate to listen to you and work out their policies, or a team who doesn't. He may be oxford, stamford, harvard, but if he doesn't care, he doesn't care. Not to say that SM Goh doesn't care, he had done a great job for our GRC, that is why our bimbo will still win in this election. However wherever I go,like in NEX, the sales assistants & waitresses are mostly PRC, even Changi Airport feels like Beijing airport now. Shall we continue the huge influx of cheap foreign labor, pressuring the low-income Singaporean's pay, and be in debt till 60+ to pay off our exuberant HDB prices? In addition, what is wrong with ITE? Some people are late learners like Mr. Chiam See Tong, some people may have talent in other areas unrecognized by academia, and some people simply didn't have connections to work their way up. He may not have the brains, but he seems passionate to serve our people. By giving other group a chance, it is also giving us a chance to find out if they'll work. But at the end of the day, the vote is yours, so think carefully.

  9. Hmm, I agree with what you say. Nothing wrong with ite. Just that comparisons should be done on apple to apple. Policies might need to be change, maybe the banglas whom are cheap and paid $3 bucks per hour should be sent home so some of us get paid $20 bucks to clean my hdb flat's trash. Even so, I'm not sure if singaporeans will want to take the shit job. I'm not sure, maybe you are right. Either way I don't get to vote this year. =)

  10. Rabbit: I believe that there will be Singaporeans willing to take that so called "shit" jobs because not all of us are born in fortunate families or are lucky for our entire life. There are poor families who have no choice but to take up the not so glamorous jobs to earn a living. But what do they find there? Young and cheap foreign labor. In addition, I read about an article suggesting that Government, media and schools work together to raise the image of low-end jobs like nurses to a professional image. In that way, we can attract more locals to take up the study and profession, and raise their salaries. There will be inflation, but hopefully salaries inflate with it too, unlike now with no increase in salaries.

  11. I think the increase in salaries for professionals or non professionals will take time. I understand what you're trying to say, I use to live in a one room flat. But I think sometimes itnis hard to keep out foreigners, talent or no talent. My only wish for foreign talent is the tighter capping and monitoring. Look at both you and me who are foreigners probably trying to find a job as a foreign talent in another country. I bet it is extremely hard to work in Japan and probably the way they protect their citizen is great. But I'm not so sure about the overall economy of Japan,whether it has been doing that great for so many years. In fact, I know a lot of companies will pay for cheaper labors from overseas rather than choosing another Singaporean. Now that I'm in the states, I can tell you I definitely feel I deserve a job more than some of my peers here. Then when I go back singapore, I think that jobs should be given priority to it's citizen like me. Lolx. Same me, different perspective. Weird right? And you know internationals here get paid lesser, but still their wiling to stay and work hard to prove themselves. Singapore has upgrading programs for the old, my mum was taught how to use pc free at yishun community last year and our neighbors didn't even know about the program. Perhaps if anything, I would say, maybe the country has been moving too fast, probably soon enough, there will be a big gap in social inequality and I just hope regardless of which party, they will realize the impact which will costs many lives.

  12. Yes, it will take time to increase if there are intentions and plans to do that. When I was doing my art degree in USA a few years before you, it's true that foreign students like you and me tend to work even harder than Americans, but there were the visas and maximum foreigner employee cap in place to prevent a huge influx of immigrants. They did not open the gates to flood their country with immigrants like what Singapore had done.

    My focus is on cheap labor, not "talents", such as the service sector, cleaning sector, construction and healthcare sector. I don't mind if we have "better quality" foreign workers since they raise the overall standard and increase competitiveness and challenge our locals. Any right-minded companies will hire the cheapest labor if possible and if there's no limit, all the better. However unfortunately, a lot of their service standard is extremely poor and do not give a damn about the products or services that they deliver. Food tastes bad and service is horrible. To them, it is just a job to get paid. Imagine our kuay teow in hawker stalls, all cooked by foreigners who don't give a damn to the taste of the food, just cook and sell. You have no choice but to buy from them because there's simply no more other local cooks selling kuay teow in your neighborhood anymore! (I just realized that this is disastrous to even think about.)

    I believe the major hurdle for Japanese companies to not hire foreigners in bulk is not to protect their own people's job, but rather is the language and cultural differences preventing them. The English standard of a typical Japanese is still very low. Japan's economy has been in recession for over 10 years now, with more dampening worries after the triple disaster.

    Anyway, I don't intend to work in Japan but things often go the opposite as planned ;P

  13. Lol... You take out kuay teow as example win liao la.... On a side note, I don't mind changing hawkers because for years I couldn't understand why non-spicy wantan noodle = add tomato sauce.

    Alright, best of luck to cockroach beating and a brighter artist life! =)

  14. Ya, I cannot imagine life without my kuay teow!!! O___O;; Can you tell uncle not to add chilli and tomato sauce for your wantan mee?

    You know the taste of the food from my mixed vege seller downstairs is getting worse and worse ever since the prcs took over, sigh... What to do? They are the only mixed-vege seller downstairs now! (Nex foodcourt costs more) Well, at least there is still kuay teow at the interchange.

    Thanks for your well-wishes and may you find a great job in USA after you graduate!



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