Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Defenses Breached 5 (cockroaches) 小強入侵

Ever since my neighbor opposite moved out, her cockroaches had  been forced to look for new havens, such as my room. When times were good, I could kill 12 a day, but when business was bad like yesterday, I could only kill 2 (all nymphs). Ever since their emergence, I'd wrapped up all leftover food and cleared my trash almost everyday, but still they came, hungry and looking for food and water. I complained to the dormitory office and was given 3 traps to lure them to their death. Unfortunately, most of the roaches were smart enough to not get their feet stuck onto the sticky tape and crawled out thinking "which dumbass could have laid this ancient trap". Hence, I returned to the most effective way of smashing them with papers.

自從對面的鄰居搬走以後,她的蟑螂只好轉移基地到附近的房間,也就是我的房間。生意好的時候,殺個12隻是絕對沒有問題的。但是生意淡的時候,像昨天那樣的話,只能殺個2隻而已。因此,自從被這些“強者”侵略以後,我便開始把所有的食物包好,也幾乎天天丟垃圾。但是,他們還是不斷的湧出,所以只好投訴給管理員。投訴後,她給了我3個陷阱。可是那些聰明的蟑螂爬進陷阱後,都不願把腳踩在膠帶上... 它們心理一定在想...會是哪兒一個笨蛋用那麼古老的方法啊...唉~所以,我只好用最有效的方法-用紙去狠狠地捏死它們。

In an attempt to study how long this phenomena would last, I caught 2 live nymphs of different sizes, 1cm and 2cm respectively, to experiment on how long they can live without food and water. While sharing my experience with another friend, who had lived in Aussie many years ago, she reported that  her Australian born adult cockroaches could survive up to 2 weeks in a jar without food and water. Hence, I wonder how long it will take for 2 Japanese-born nymphs to expire. Currently I have one kept for a week and another freshly caught yesterday. Both are still doing well.

Meanwhile, due to the triple Japan disaster, the occupancy rate of our dorm had fallen to new lows, so the office is offering us to extend our stay till March 2012!!! If you'd read about my previous posts, you would know that I had yearned to move out ever since the first day I moved in. However if I compare the rent of 29,000yen of the dorm VS 80,000yen of a mansion apartment, it's a no-brainer to sign up and bear with everything. Imagine what I can do with all those money saved!!!???
  1. Fly to Singapore and back to Japan.
  2. Do that 3 times.
  3. Upgrade my 4th time to business class.
Isn't that great!? I guess I'll continue on with my biological experiments!


  1. 飛回新加坡再回來 。
  2. 重複3次。
  3. 第4次提升到商務艙。



  2. 我印象中我的小學老師跟我說過

  3. Hahahah! Lucky U!! Hope most of the future new tenants will be good ones yah~

  4. angel: Yes I need your god -_-

    小卓:不要嚇我喔!怪不得總覺得沒完沒了... ...不過...好過臭蟲!

    hui: I hope so! I can't wait to see the expression of the girl who have to move into that cockroach room! XDDD

  5. 媽媽說香皂能驅小強..把香皂切開幾塊放在不同的角落

  6. yan (hk): 真的嗎!?有經過臨床試驗過嗎?



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