Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Evacomics at AFA 2014

creators hub afa anime festival asia
This was my first time at Anime Festival Asia (AFA) so I didn't know if sales would be good or not. I heard that there will be a lot of people but I wasn't sure if they were into well-known anime or into my original creation. I was very lucky that my booth location was pretty good at the entrance into the Creators Hub section.

Based on my previous experience at STGCC,  there were a lot of fans asking for me. So I made sure I made signs this time so my poor apprentice doesn't have to keep on repeating himself when I wasn't there.

creators hub afa anime festival asia
We didn't think there will be a lot of people on Friday and maybe only foreigners and students will come... Sure enough, I met foreigners, companies, fellow artists and students, but there were A LOT OF THEM! So I was busy the whole day autographing, taking selfies and talking to people whom I haven't met for a long time. I also met some fans from Malaysia but was even more surprised that I could meet fans from Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and even Dubai!

creators hub afa anime festival asia
Day 2 was the most busy and I didn't even have time for toilet break from 1-5pm. Many cosplayers who were also my fan dropped by to take photos and bought my book! I even met my youngest hardcore fan who took part in my tshirt making workshop during Makers' Block Festival and we happen to wear the same TSHIRT!!! :D

creators hub afa anime festival asia
I thought Day 3 wouldn't be as good as Day 1 but to my surprise, it was almost the same :D
A fan came by to buy my print (and the most expensive one) and gave me words of encouragement to continue drawing *super touched*. I also managed to take selfies with my last 2 customers for the book. A couple arrived too late and couldn't get any so they asked if they could buy my Matcha on foamboard piece behind so they could put it on their wall! So yup... it was sold too!

I couldn't resist not getting the cute *FREE* balloon so I sneaked off during low traffic to queue up for it...

Before I left, there was one last cushion...

When I returned, it was sold out! Strangely when I had all 100 of them during September for STGCC, I had difficulty selling them, but once it was sold out, there were so many people asking for it!!!

Sunday was family day so more kids were walking around and I offered a special caricature service to draw them inside the book (a popular request from parents during Makers' Festival).

I also autographed my postcards one by one for fans :)
I had more time for creativity on the last day.

creators hub afa anime festival asia
We sold a total of 182 comic books. Most who bought them were my fans and maybe 25% were strangers who happen to pass by and liked what they saw. I think we could have easily sold 200 copies!

As you know, without your contribution, we artists cannot survive on thin air alone. We have to buy food, materials and pay for transport and insurance too.
Exactly a year ago when I was selling prints, I realised that having 20k likes on Facebook was useless because people are very practical and prefer something that they can use. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of money to make products and publish my own book so I eventually resorted to asking for donation:

My Bee grade adventure as a full time artist


Fan culture of supporting artists

Yes, asking for donation was the very last resort and I must thank all of my fans who bought my prints back then and gave me words of encouragement not to give up. With your financial help, I persevered and finally obtained help to publish my first book and grow my fanbase. So even if you just bought my $1 bookmark, I am very happy!!!

Thank you wonderful fans for your support and encouragement!!! ❤ \(≧▽≦)丿

If you would like to know more about me and ask me questions, my next event will be at Popular's BookFest at Suntec Convention Centre on 16th Dec (Tue), 7.30pm! So please drop by if you can, see you!!!


  1. I feel so proud! Wow...you really deserve all this and I am sure so much more is coming your way. If there is a real example I could use when I need to encourage someone to follow their dreams despite of everything it will be yours!

    Really really glad! Many congratulations!

    1. Thanks Creepo! I'm seeing a bit of success but not very stable yet. Have to keep on working to keep up the buzz~~~

    2. It is just the beggining...just getting where you are is a feat on itself! Kuddos!

    3. Thanks creepo! Going to Malaysia and Indonesia next!



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