Monday, February 24, 2014

Fan culture of supporting artists

Accurate as of yesterday, people usually prefer to buy things that are cheap and practical here.
Of course, I hope my comic can be proved wrong.

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  1. Eva-san, I hope that Your problems will be resolved soon.
    I am very happy that You wrote about me in Your blog :)
    ( btw, could You, please not to mention about me in future? I am very stealth person )

    Wishing You all the best,
    ewww ...

    1. OOPS, I'd removed your nickname from the post!
      Yes I had been busy meeting people and emailing around so I clinched a few deals ^^

    2. He-he, there is nothing wrong about using my nickname. I do not like tagging like: supporter #1, etc.

      Glad that You are staying on the track. I hope that You will find real deal soon. Just remember: You are running by the circles now, and it is very important to recharge batteries time after time. I mean, if You feel that everything is failing, it is best time to take a break and relax.

      Good luck, ewww...

    3. Hehe thanks Ewww, you are so kind as always :)))))



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