Friday, December 19, 2014

Evacomics at Popular BookFest (12-21 Dec 2014) Suntec Singapore

It was a privilege to be on BookFest stage despite being assigned a weekday evening from 7.30-8.30pm and labelled as a for "Kids"event. I was very worried that there will be no crowd and my fans won't show up so I asked a few of my friends to come support me (and of course buy the book at 20% discount hee hee hee)

I had maybe 42 books on Friday based on the photo, alongside with Dan's from Malaysia. But stocks went very low on Sat based on my ex-student's Instagram so I frantically asked my distributor if Popular bookstore will restock. He reassured that they were keeping track of the inventory and make sure there will be enough for my talk on Tues.

But when I went down on Tues to give my talk, there were just 5 books left at a corner!? (And Dan's books were intruding into my already tiny space) So I asked the salesgirl what happened and was reassured that there were another lot of books set aside for my stage talk. True enough, there were around 50-60 books set aside near the stage.

At the other side of the shelf, I see Dan's books occupying Ernest's too. Both of them are Malaysian authors and their books are exclusive to Popular. Hmm... ok, so I know why they get very prominent spots. Anyway I know Ernest personally and bought his second book "Back to School", which seems to be selling very well because there are so few copies left!!!

While checking my books, I met some of my fans and my ex-students so yup, SELFIE TIME!!!

I realised that my concept of a demo with my graphics tablet and the organiser's concept of a demo is very different. I thought I could project my software on screen and do a demo on my tablet but they had no display connection so I couldn't do anything... I was also uncomfortable with the idea of everyone gathering around to watch a tiny 13" monitor so I skipped the demo/caricature drawing and went straight to Q&A. Should have asked for the simple easel and paper!

Nevertheless to make up for it, I did some quick 30-60secs caricature drawings on the book if my fans or parents requested for it.

The happiest moment is to meet my Facebook fans whom I have been replying to and finally meet them and thank them in person :)))

I also received a cute fan art from my Malaysian fan who is working in Singapore now. SO CUTE!!! (≧▽≦)

"Mr. Red" who also supported me during AFA came again!!! Very happy!!!

I was hungry and tired after the talk and took me quite a while to update all my social media. But I feel very happy to meet my fans who bought my book and encouraged me to continue :")))

Finally...drums rolling... I will be going to Comic Fiesta (KL, Malaysia) 27-28th this month to share booth space with Draw Slowly, another Singapore artist! I will be at hall4, booth B3, but I will only arrive sometime in the afternoon on Sat with only 30 books to be sold each day. For more updates on my arrival time, etc. please check out my FB event page!


  1. Hey, Eva-san! Congratulations!

    I am very happy to see You on that stage, and signing books. Definitely, You are working hard. And people like You, that is great thing.

    He-he, I like that guy with 'imagination', kinda very positive thinking, too much positive :lol:

    I wish one day to admit such event :)

    Merry Christmas.

    ewww ...

    1. Merry Chirstmas Ewww! Hope to be able to go US one day to do book signing or talk too!



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